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Following 4 very successful years in LARAMIE Robert moved into another iconic western series Wagon Train in the role of scout Cooper Smith.

It is widely thought that Robert replaced Robert Horton who played Scout Flint Mcculloch but this is not true. Robert Horton left the series at the end of season 5 and Robert joined in season 7.

Long before Robert became a permanent cast member he appeared twice in Wagon Train in earlier seasons

The Ella Lindstrom Story

Episode Title &

Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 18

The Ella Lindstrom Story


Bette Davis as Ella Lindstrom

Robert Fuller as James Fitzpatrick

Alex Gerry as Dr. Vincent Monroe

Cindy Robbins as Inga Lindstrom

Harold T. Daye as Stig Lindstrom

Susan Henning as Britt Lindstrom

Bobby Buntrock as Bo Lindstrom

After her husband suddenly dies, Ella Lindstrom and her seven children have important decisions to make about continuing west.  When more problems arise, the family members need all the strength, wisdom and heart they can muster to figure out their future plans.

The Kate Parker Story test

Episode Title &

Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 31

The Kate Parker Story


Virginia Grey as Kate Parker

Warren Stevens as Jonas Parker

Royal Dano as Boone Caulder

Robert Fuller as Chris Finley

Ruta Lee as Evie Finley

In an unhappy marriage, Kate and Jonas Parker constantly argue about Jonas wanting her money.  When newlywed Evie Finley is seriously injured in a wagon accident, Kate offers to stay behind with Evie and her husband Chris while the wagon train goes on to find a doctor.  Jonas runs off with their wagon and the money stranding Evie and Chris in a dangerous blizzard.

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