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Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 1

The Bob Stuart Story


Robert Ryan as Bob Stuart

Vera Miles as Janice Stuart

Tommy Sands as Keith Lance

Andrew Prine as Felix Colton

Bill (William) Smith as Thomas Lance

Stacy Harris as The Sheriff

Cooper Smith rides into town to accompany three new families to the wagon train.  One is a retired marshal, Bob Stuart, who has just gotten married.  From his days as a hired gun, Coop fosters a deep hatred of Stuart.  A grand fight breaks out between them. It’s the beginning of a trip filled with angry old friends, distrust and revenge.

Robert Fuller (starring role)

Episode 2

The Hide Hunters


Chris Robinson as Gib Ryker

Morgan Woodward as Zack Ryker

Charla Doherty as Samantha Follett

Ted White as Cougar

Mickey Finn as Barbu

With a shortage of wild game, the wagon train is in desperate need of fresh meat.  Wayward hide hunters approach the train to replenish their supplies.  Cooper Smith and Barnaby West leave with the hunters to bring back buffalo meat; regrettably their quest begins with an Indian attack.  Gib Ryker, one of the hunters, relentlessly bullies Barnaby with terrible consequences.

Robert Fuller (starring role)

Episode 3

The John Gillman Story


Bobby Darin as John Gillman

Betsy Hale as Abigail

Whit Bissell as Mr. Moore

Virginia Gregg as Miss Roberts

James McCallion as Mr. Gorman

Elisabeth Fraser as Mrs. Gorman

Scott (Edmund) Lane as Erwin

Sally Smith as Delta

Steve Condit as Ronald

Boyd “Red” Morgan as Frank

Ken Weatherwax as The Stout Boy

John Gillman, a gunshot wound in his leg, is hiding in the brush beside a river.  Abigail, a young orphan girl sent to fetch water, finds John and runs back to the train for help.  Cranky John and sassy Abigail forge an unlikely friendship to provide each with something they’ve been missing for a long time.

Robert Fuller (small supporting role)

Episode 4

The Race Town Story


Dan Duryea as Sam Race

Cheryl Holdridge as Annabelle Day

Allyson Ames as Julie

Hal Needham as Digger

Joseph Mell as Wheelman

Jan Arvan as Dealer

Murray Alper as Pitchman

Loyal T. Lucas as Miner

Louis Quinn as Trinket Seller

Bill Hawks and Barnaby West are driving Annabelle and Julie to their new jobs.  Race Town is a traveling tent city made up of saloons, entertainment and rigged casino games.  Annabelle discovers the job is not what she expected.  Bill and Barnaby’s criticism of the town and its management brings them a heap of trouble.

Robert Fuller (credit only)

Episode 5

The Barbara Lindquist Story


Dana Wynter as Barbara Lindquist

G.B. (Barry) Atwater as Judd Frazer

Walter Woolf King as Dr. Everest

Dave (David) Perna as Johnny

Cooper Smith rescues head strong Barbara Lindquist, the lone survivor of a stage coach robbery.  She believes Coop is one of the robbers, forcing him to drive the stage at gun point until it breaks down, stranding them.  Bandits attack, shoot Coop and take the horses.  Barbara and Coop are left afoot to get back to the wagon train.  A despondent Coop, believing his injury will end his scouting career wrestles with his future plans.

Robert Fuller (starring role)

Episode 6

The Brian Conlin Story


Leslie Nielsen as Brian Conlin

Audrey Dalton as Danna Bannon

Paul Fix as Sean Bannon

Eileen Baral as Sara Hanrahan

Dick Miller as Michel (Michael)

Patricia Lyon as Mary

Jody (Jodi) Pearson as Loren O’Mara*

* calls himself Jody (Joe) O’Mara in the episode

Brian Conlin, an Irish immigrant, staggers into the wagon train delirious with fever.  Once recovered, Brian and Coop rush to the aid of Conlin’s stranded group.  Suffering persecution and prejudice since arriving in America, the Irish families are surprised when the wagon train crew shows them kindness and tolerance.

Robert Fuller (strong supporting role)

Episode 7

The Alice Whitetree Story


Diane Baker as Leoni/Alice Whitetree

John Hoyt as Justin Reed

Ken Lynch as (Sheriff) Aaron Morton

Chuck Courtney as Tom Vincent

Cooper Smith finds a frightened Indian girl, Leoni, the sole survivor of her tribe.  While taking her to a mission, Leoni and Coop fall in love.  Sheriff Morton arrives revealing Leoni’s a murderer named Alice Whitetree.  Charlie Wooster and Leoni hatch a plan to catch the real killer to prove her innocence.

Robert Fuller (starring role)

Episode 8

Those Who Stay Behind


Lola Albright as Leonora Parkman

Peter Brown as Ben Campbell

Jay North as Tom Blake

Dennis Holmes as Danny Blake

Russell Thorson as Simon Landis

Walter Coy as Ord Whaley

Barbara Wooddell as Martha Landis

Laurie Mitchell as Annie Tolleson

Gale Gerber as Kate Campbell

Michael Beirne as Lt. Thaxter

Bruce Dern as Jud Fisher

Chris Hale turns away ex-convict Ben Campbell and wife Kate because the wagon train is full.  Ben camps nearby overnight hoping for a vacancy.  Meantime, the wagon train crew has to deal with Mrs. Parkman, an Army wife going to meet her husband; the Landises, an elderly couple headed to California to visit their children and Ben Campbell’s ex-partner seeking revenge.  Runaway orphans, Tom and Danny Blake, sneak onto the train to escape their mean guardian.

Robert Fuller (supporting role)

Episode 9

The Nancy Styles Story


Deborah Walley as Nancy Styles

Ryan O’Neal as Paul Phillips

Marilyn Wayne as Jenny Phillips

James Griffith as Phineas

Rex Holman as Homer

Francis De Sales as Banker

Olan Soule as Telegraph Operator

Spoiled bratty rich girl, Nancy Styles, convinces Paul and Nancy Phillips to take her along in their wagon.  When a snow storm changes the wagon train’s route, Nancy devises numerous schemes to get to Denver, including snuggling up to Barnaby to gain his help.

Robert Fuller (small supporting role)

Episode 10

The Richard Bloodgood Story


Guy Stockwell as Richard Bloodgood

William Smith as Espada

Reta Shaw as Teeney

David Foley as young  Coop

Johnny Tuohy as young  Bloodgood

Janet Hamill as Janet Rose

John Crowther as Virgil

Ralph Leabow  as The Waiter

Glenn Yarbrough as The Guitarist

Mysterious Richard Bloodgood joins the wagon train, seeking revenge against scout Cooper Smith.  Barnaby and Charlie try to find out why, but Coop angrily refuses to discuss it.  Charlie investigates, finding a legend and a song, but only Coop knows what really happened.  

Robert Fuller (starring role)

Episode 11

The Clay Shelby Story


Dwayne Hickman as Clay Shelby

Richard Carlson as Lt. Burns

Celia Kaye (Milius) as Ann Shelby

Berkeley Harris as Cpl. Reece

Mort Mills as Sgt. Bragan

An army troop helping the wagon train finds Bill Hawks ill and Cooper Smith wounded.  Fighting off Indians attacking the train, Lt. Burns lies about relief column support, attempting to provide hope for the disheartened train.  Meantime, Sgt. Bragan recognizes Clay Shelby as a deserter he blames for the death of this brother.

Robert Fuller (supporting role)

Episode 12

Little Girl Lost


John Doucette as Boone

Eileen Baral as Robin

Dick (Richard H.) Cutting as Dixon

Dean Williams as Lewis

Diane  Lee Quinn as the 1st Girl

Sarah Collingwood as the 1st Mother

Lisa Eilbacher as the 2nd Girl

Kathleen O’Malley as the 2nd Mother

Keith Peters as The Boy

The haunting cries of a young girl sobbing in the night have the concerned wagon train crew searching for her in vain.  Charlie Wooster visits with her, further adding to the mystery.  Charlie tries to figure out who she is and find a way to help her.

Robert Fuller (supporting role)

Wagon Train

Season 8 - Final Season

Black & White

Regular Cast:

John McIntire as Christopher Hale

Robert Fuller as Cooper Smith

Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster

Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks

Michael Burns as Barnaby West

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