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Wagon Train Overview

Cooper Smith usually rode a feisty chestnut

Quarter Horse named Gambler.

The horse was Robert’s own horse.

“Hoot”, Robert’s bay gelding from Laramie

can be seen tied to a hitching rail in

numerous Wagon Train episodes.

Denny Miller who played Duke Shannon was credited as “Denny Miller” in his first episode in Season 4.  Later in Season 4, in his second episode of Wagon Train, producers changed his name to “Scott Miller”.  When he left the show after Season 7, he changed his name back to Denny

Robert  broke his leg while

re-shooting a bar fight in

The Santiago Quesada Story.

When Robert was recovering from his broken leg,

he was filmed sitting on a

ladder to  simulate being on


Wagon Train was nominated for 12 awards, but did not win in any category.

Well known directors who worked on Wagon Train include:  Earl Bellamy, Aaron Spelling, John Ford and Sydney Pollack.

Dennis Holmes (Mike on Laramie) was in three Wagon Train episodes.

Robert played a dual role in “The Widow O’Rouke Story“  as Cooper Smith and Irish sailor Terence O’Rouke.

His friend actor Dennis Patrick taught Robert to speak with an Irish brogue.

Research done by Gail (Gus) Fox

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