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Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 1

The Molly Kincaid Story


Carolyn Jones as Molly Kincaid

Ray Danton as Robert Kincaid

Barbara Stanwyck as Kate Crawley

Fabian as Rome

Brenda Scott as Martha Kincaid

Harry Carey, Jr. as Charlie Hankins

Richard Reeves as Walls

Myron Healey as Doc Curley

James Griffith as The Hotel Manager

Michael Fox as The Bartender

Pamela Austin as Marybelle Freeman

Cooper Smith rescues Molly Kincaid and Rome a teenaged Indian boy from being hung for horse stealing.  Strong willed store owner Kate Crowley takes Molly into her care while Coop becomes responsible for Rome.

Robert Fuller (supporting role)

Episode 2

The Fort Pierce Story


Ronald Reagan as Capt. Paul Winters

Ann Blyth as Nancy Winters

John Doucette as Col. Wayne Lathrop

Ron Hayes as Gil Fowler

Kathie Browns as Beth Fowler

Berkeley Harris as Sgt. Kincaid

Robert Wilke as Sgt. Wick

The only woman at Fort Pierce, Mrs. Nancy Winters deals with her loneliness, fears and painful memories by secretly drinking whiskey out of a fancy tea set.  Embarrassed by his wife’s erratic and drunken behavior, Captain Paul Winters is ordered to send his wife away on the wagon train.  Even with rumors of Indian attacks, Chris Hale’s request for a military escort is denied by Col. Lathrop.   

Robert Fuller (supporting role)

Episode 3

The Gus Morgan Story


Peter Falk as Gus Morgan

Tommy Sands as Ethan Morgan

Paul Birch as Sam Benson

Harlan Warde as Dr. Haines

Ken Mayer as Jesse

Harry Swoger as Ben

Tim Graham as Walters

Claire Carleton as The Depot Clerk

Upset after witnessing a deadly railroad tunnel collapse, Ethan Morgan meets with his hardened older brother Gus Morgan and Chris Hale to find an alternate route over a mountain pass.  Gus and Ethan constantly disagree about the best and safest way to continue the line.  A tragic accident requires Gus and Ethan to work together and forces Gus to make a difficult and costly decision.

Robert Fuller (credit only)

Episode 4

The Widow O’Rourke Story


Carol Lawrence as Princes Mei Ling,    The Widow  O’Rourke

Richard Loo as Liu Yang

Linda Ho as Ming Lu

Lynell Tanigoshi  as Choon Fong

Peter Mamakos as The Auctioneer

Mr. Moto (Charles Iwamoto) as Kiang

While scouting for the wagon train, Charlie Wooster and Duke Shannon come upon a large and mysterious estate in the middle of nowhere.  When they fail to return to the wagon train, Cooper Smith sets out to find them.

Robert Fuller (dual starring role as Cooper Smith and Captain Terence O’Rouke)

Episode 5

The Robert Harrison Clarke Story


Michael Rennie as Robert Harrison Clarke

Brian Keith as First Sgt. Gault

Henry Silva as Ram Singh

Randy Boone as Private Jamie

Royal Dano as John Bouchette

George Keymas as John Warbow

William Bryant as Captain Jetterman

L.Q. Jones as Ike Truman

Jan Arvan as Chief Oopaknah

Dean William as Grider

Rees Vaughn as Lt. Crane

Having come to America to obtain a true account of life in the West, rude and uppity British correspondent Robert Harrison Clarke deems it barbaric, dull and monotonous.  When Indian tribes join forces to keep the army off their land, Clarke, his assistant Ram Singh, and a road survey crew guided by Chris Hale and Cooper Smith are caught between the two.

Robert Fuller (strong supporting  role)

Episode 6

The Myra Marshall Story


Suzanne Pleshette as Myra Marshall

Charles Drake as Marshal Vern Rothman

Beverly Owen as Grace Marshall

Rex Reason as Colin Brenner

Jack Lambert as Nick

Dayton Lummis as Rev. Philip Marshall

Jack (Jackie) Searl as Manny

Stanley Clements as Joe

Sid (Sidney) Clute as Cal Williams

I. Stanford Jolley as Doc Barnes

Mickey Finn as Riley

Norman Leavitt as Slim

Read Morgan as Jake

Paul Baxley as Reno

George Greco as Stryker

Daniel (Dan) Milland as Tom Donahue

Raised by a strict minister father, Myra and Grace Marshall grow up to choose very different lifestyles. When Myra writes to her sister pleading for help to escape a bad marriage to Vern Rothman, Cooper Smith accompanies Grace to Fortune City, a tough gambling town.  

Robert Fuller (starring  role)

Episode 7

The Sam Spicer Story


Ed Begley as Reno Sutton

Clu Gulager as Sam Spicer

Frank Cady as Hiram – Shopkeeper

Jean Inness and Ma Adams

Mark Tapscott as The Sheriff

Dennis McCarthy as Harmon

Jon Locke as Cam Davis

After getting a stern lesson about respecting his elders from Chris Hale, Barnaby West witnesses robbers leaving the Desert Sands bank and is taken hostage by outlaw Sam Spicer.  Sam meets up with his partner Reno Sutton who wants to kill Barnaby, but Sam insists on making him part of their gang.  While Chris Hale and Charlie Wooster relentlessly search for him, Barnaby must decide which side of the law he’s going to choose.

Robert Fuller (credit only)

Episode 8

The Sam Pulaski Story


Ross Martin as Sam Pulaski

Annette Funicello as Rose Pulaski

Jocelyn Brando as Mrs. Pulaski

Stanley Adams as Jersey

Richard Bakalyan as Muscles

Morgan Woodward as Pocky

Harry Carey Jr.  as John Jay Burroughs

Jonathan Kidd as Louie

Orville Sherman as Shorty the Bartender

David Fresco as Old Salt

Clancy Cooper as McGowan

Tom Signorelli as Mike

Seymour Cassel as Ed

Joan Staley as Polly Ann Hill

Fleeing from a murder charge, Sam Pulaski, his mother, and his sister Rose join the wagon train seeking new lives out west.  Cooper Smith falls in love with Rose although he recognizes Sam as the crook who had him beaten up in Brooklyn.  When Sam’s henchmen, Jersey and Muscles, run a protection racket on some of the passengers and get kicked off the train, Sam comes up with a plan to get even with Coop.

Robert Fuller (starring role)

Episode 9

The Eli Bancroft Story


Leif  Erickson as Eli Bancroft

Randy Boone as Noah Bancroft

Carl Reindel as Adam Bancroft

Bruce Dern as Seth Bancroft

Parley Baer as George Talley

Rachel Ames as Emily Dawson

David Carradine as John Mason

Patricia Lyon as Rose Mason

Nestor Paiva as Money Joe

Elisabeth Fraser as Abby Carter

Larry Blake as Tom Jackson

Kay Stewart as Martha Bancroft

Billy Hughes as Adam Bancroft

Dal McKennon as Frank Collins

Diane Mountford as Milly Dawson

After tragically losing his wife and ranch, Eli Bancroft and his three sons embark on a life of crime and ruthless revenge.  When Cooper Smith guides two families to their new homes, the Bancrofts cleverly ambush the group taking everything they have.  Coop vows to find the Brancrofts and exact retribution.

Robert Fuller (starring  role)

Episode 10

The Kitty Pryer Story


Bradford Dillman as Miles Brisbane

Diana Hyland as Kitty Pryer

Jeanne Cooper as Martha Harpe

Don Durant as Victor Harpe

Milton Frome as The Sheriff

Dal McKennon as Alex

Allen Joseph  as Sanders

John Dennis as The Police Sergeant

Jack Bighead as The Indian

Kitty Pryer’s new husband Victor Harpe admits he’s already married to Martha a wealthy socialite.  He reveals his plans to take his first wife on a wagon train to California.  Victor convinces Kitty and his old college friend Miles Brisbane to pretend they are married so Kitty can come along on the trip.  Emotions run high and trouble is around every corner after they join train.

Robert Fuller (supporting  role)

Episode 11

The Sandra Cummings Story


Rhonda Fleming as Sandra Cummings

Cynthia Pepper as Paula Cummings

John Archer as Jonathan Lott

Michael Conrad as Luke Moss

Jack Easton Jr. as Jefferson Smith

James Johnson as Otho Fowler

Norman Leavitt  as The 1st Guard

Brett King as The Lieutenant

K.L. Smith as The 2nd Sentry

Paul Baxley as The 3rd Sentry

Cooper Smith and Duke Shannon guide entertainer/singer Sandra Cummings and her troupe to meet the wagon train.  Coop’s interested in her beautiful daughter Paula, but seductive Sandra will do almost anything to keep them apart.

Robert Fuller (outstanding starring role)

Episode 12

The Bleecker Story


Joan Blondell as Ma Bleecker

Ed Nelson as Al Bleecker

Holly McIntire* as Holly Bleecker

Tim McIntire* as Dave Bleecker

Brooke Bundy as Bessie McFerren

Tudor Owen as McFerren

Jan Kemp as Butler

Tyler McVey as Colonel Webster

John McKee as Quincy

Ruta Lee as Jenny Hynes

*Children of John McIntire

While scouting, Duke Shannon discovers the Bleecker family and companions looking for a wagon train to take them to Fort Bridger.  They’re a strange and private group who try to keep their plans a secret.

Robert Fuller (very small supporting role)

Episode 13

The Story of Cain


Ron Hayes as John Cain

Ann Helm as Ruth Cain

Allen Joseph as Benny

Lane Bradford as The Sheriff

Frank Overton as The Doctor

While scouting a desert route, Cooper Smith finds gold prospector John Cain near death from lack of water.  Grateful for being rescued, Cain promises to make Coop rich and to sell shares of his claim to the wagon train passengers.  Cain later denies his offer claiming he was tricked and wasn’t in his right

mind.  When Coop goes to discuss it with Cain, their meeting has tragic consequences.

Robert Fuller (outstanding starring role)

Episode 14

The Cassie Vance Story


Laraine Day as Cassie Vance

Richard Carlson as Adam Vance

Kevin Corcoran as Davie Vance

Beverly Washburn as Milly Sharp

Eleanor Audley as Minerva Ames

John Harmon as Bert Jenkins

Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Jenkins

Sam Edwards as Hollis Ames

G.B. (Barry) Atwater as Warden

Richard Hale as Junius Holland

Harry Holcombe as The Judge

Karen Green as (young) Cassie

Robert Strauss as Floyd Sharp

Cassie Vance, her husband and son are a loving family traveling with the train.  Cassie is known for her kindness and spends much of her time caring for the ailing Mrs. Jenkins.  When the Jenkins’ money box is stolen, the whole train is in an uproar.  All the wagons and travelers are searched causing emotions and accusations to run wild.

Robert Fuller (strong supporting  role)

Episode 15

The Fenton Canaby Story


Jack Kelly as Fenton Canaby

Barbara Bain as Lucy Garrison

John Hoyt as Colonel Grant Clayton

Virginia Gregg as Grace Lowe

Robert Cornthwaite as Byron Lowe

Dee Carroll as Elizabeth Lennister

Jon Locke as Gabe Lennister

Jess Kirkpatrick as Doc Carlson

Walter Reed as Simms

I. Stanford Jolley as Briggs

George E. Dunn as Jones

The leader and sole survivor of an ill-fated wagon train, Fenton Canaby exiled himself from society.  When Canaby finds Duke Shannon gravely ill at a poisoned water hole, he takes him back to Chris Hale’s train facing the risk of being recognized and scorned.

Robert Fuller (small supporting role)

Episode 16

The Michael Malone Story


Michael Parks as Michael Malone

Dick York as Ben Mitchell

Joyce Bulifant as Julie Holland

Nellie Burt as Nora Holland

Armand Alzamora as Dr. Perez

Chuck Courtney as Paul

John Bryant as The Doctor

Tim Graham as Smithy

Judi Meredith as Beth Mitchell

Michael Malone is drunk and broke.  Cooper Smith hires him to drive and do chores for Nora and Julie Holland.  Michael is haunted by nightmares and struggles to stay sober.

When Ben Mitchell and his pregnant wife Beth face a difficult childbirth, Michael’s past comes to light.

Robert Fuller (supporting role)

Wagon Train

Season 7 - Colour Season

Regular Cast:

John McIntire as Christopher Hale

Robert Fuller as Cooper Smith

Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster

Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks

Michael Burns as Barnaby West

Scott Miller as Duke Shannon

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