Laramie was first aired on Sept 15th 1959. There were 124 episodes, and it ran for 4 years. Of the 124 episodes, 64 were in black & white and 60 were in colour.

It attracted a wide range of well known guest stars including Charles Bronson, Dan Duryea, Ernest Borgnine, James Coburn, Lee Van Cleef and Claude Akins.

It was great - the best western series ever made !!!!

After all these years we thought you might like to know what became of the Laramie regulars

 Character  Actor/Actress  Period

 Where Are They Now ?

 Slim Sherman  John Smith  1959 to 1963

 Died 25th Jan 1995 of cirrhosis and heart problems. Sadly after Laramie John never managed to repeat his success or maintain his level of fame. However he will be remembered by Laramie fans as a wonderful talented actor who created a character in Slim Sherman that has become timeless. Whatever happened after Laramie John Smith left a legacy any actor could be proud of and we are grateful for the part he played in this wonderful series. 

In 2007 John was honoured at the Festival Of The West in Arizona when he was posthumously awarded the Cowboy Spirit Award.

 Jess Harper  Robert Fuller  1959 to 1963 Following Laramie Robert went on to star in 2 major television series. He also featured in a number of good movies and enjoyed much continued success. That success carried on throughout Robert's career with many guest starring roles in top television shows playing some great parts - most notably Robert played Wade Harper, a role written especially for him in Walker Texas Ranger. The character of Wade Harper was a descendant of Jess Harper. Robert is now pretty much retired and enjoying life fishing. Robert received many awards during his career, For details click the link below :

Robert Fuller Awards

 Jonesy  Hoagy Carmichael  1959 to 1960 Hoagy Carmichael was a very successful musician and singer before joining Laramie. He was a vital part of the initial success of the show balancing between the hot headed Jess and the level headed Slim and helping to bring order into the Sherman household.  Sadly he died 27th Dec 1981
Andy Sherman  Robert Crawford Jr  1959 to 1961 After Laramie went onto college. Up to 1988 was working behind the camera on films like "The Sting" and "The World According To Garp". Robert now works at Warner Bros and in 2007 attended the Festival Of The West where a tribute to his show Laramie was held.
 Daisy Cooper  Spring Byington  1961 to 1963  Spring was a very successful actress prior to joining Laramie. She replaced Jonesy as the calming influence in the Sherman house and provided the wisdom the "Boys" sometimes lacked. Died 7th Sept 1971 of cancer.
 Mike Williams  Dennis Holmes  1961 to 1963  Dennis Holmes was a very successful child star. His portrayal of Mike Williams was excellent. Dennis now lives in California with his wife Jan and their  daughter Katie. He also attended the Festival Of The West in 2007 to celebrate his television series Laramie. He plays guitar and has made a couple of CD's. 
 Mort Corey  Stuart Randall  1960 to 1963  Stuart Randall was superb as Mort Corey and gave great support to the main stars of Laramie. He continued working up until 1971. His last appearance appears to have been in an episode of Alias Smith and Jones. Stuart died on 22nd June 1988
 Mose Shell  Eddy Waller  1959 to 1963  Died 20th Aug 1977 of a stroke. Eddy was a long time cowboy star and the role of Mose was made for him.

Laramie  Fact - At one time it was thought that John Smith would leave the show to do other things. So Don Durant was set up as a replacement in the role of Gandy. Gandy appeared in one episode "No Place To Run" and he was good in the role. However John stayed until Laramie ended its run in 1963. Don had been known for his role as Johnny Ringo in the TV series of the same name.


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