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124 Episodes aired over 4 years, and we know em all. So if you've got a little time to spare take a trip down memory lane and remind yourself of THE LARAMIE YEARS

Season 1

 Title  Guest Stars  Synopsis
 Stage Stop Dan Duryea as Bud Carlin
Everett Sloane
 Bud Carlin stops at the Sherman Ranch before carrying out his plan to free gunslinger captured by the law. Help comes from a passing stranger Jess Harper
 Glory road Eddie Albert
Nanette Fabray as Essie Bright
Ray Teal
 Traveling preacher Essie Bright and her moody wagon driver stop at the Sherman Ranch where the driver reveals the reason for his mood.
 Circle Of Fire Marsha Hunt as Martha Chambers
Ernest Borgnine as Major Prescott
Robert F.Simon as Bert Bigelow
Frank Ferguson as Abner Crable
John Pickard as Calvin Dalyrumple
Frank de Kova as Yellow Knife
 In a moment of panic, stagecoach passenger Marsha Hunt shoots and kills the son of a Pawnee Chief. The Indians swear revenge on the woman who takes refuge at the Sherman Ranch.
 Fugitive Road Clu Gulager as Gil Brady  Cavalryman Gil Brady deserts because he is tired of being persecuted, and seeks the help of his brother in law Jess Harper. But he is being followed by a sadistic Army Sergeant.
 The Star Trail Lloyd Nolan as Tully Hatch
Patricia Barry as Evie
Mildred Von Holland as Ma
William Bryant as Curly
 Jess's friend Tully Hatch is mixed up in a bank robbery, and because Hatch saved his life Jess feels he must do something to help his old friend.
 The Lawbreakers James Best as Dallas
John McIntire as Judge Cade
Christopher Dark as Rickert
Rayford Barnes as Marcy
 Jess poses as an outlaw to break up a robbery ring and is hired as their guide as they try to locate their loot.
 The Iron Captain Edmond O'Brien as Capt Sam Prado  While looking for a dancer named Lita, renegade Army Capt Sam Prado and his gang take Slim and Jess prisoner.
 General Delivery Rod Cameron as Ed Caulder Ed Caulder is a gunslinger who always receives the name of the person he has to kill through a letter sent by general delivery. When Caulder rides into Laramie Jess thinks he has come for him. When Caulder checks the letter he tells Jess he is not looking for him - what Jess doesn't know is that it is Slim's name in the letter.
 The Run To Tumavaca Gena Rowlands as Laurel Demeistra
John Archer as Arnold Demeistra
Robert J Wilke as Guerra
John Alderson as George Hanna
Kevin Hagen as Josh Crystal
Harry Lauter as Roy Crystal
Joe Dominguez as Old Mexican
 A friend of Jess' tells him that her husband plans to kill her, and persuades him to help her escape to Mexico.
 The General Must Die Brian Keith as Capt Whit Malone
John Hoyt as Colonel Brandon
Don "Red" Barry as Cowly
Robert Nash as Sheriff McCord
Kenneth MacDonald as Mose
Gilman Rankin as General Sherman
Read Morgan
 Two ex Army officers plan to kill General Sherman and to do it they need to seize Slim Sherman's ranch.
 Dark Verdict Thomas Mitchell as Judge Hendrick
Warren Stevens as Jim Hendrick
L Q Jones as John McLane
Dean Stratton as Vern Cowan
Grant Richards as Carter
 A retired Judge stirs up sentiment for a lynching after an innocent man is convicted on circumstantial evidence.
 Man Of God James Gregory as Father Elliot
Bill Williams as Root
Douglas Kennedy as Parker
Kathleen O'Malley as Wife
John Bryant as Family Man
Sam Edwards as Captain
 Father Elliot has a peaceful plan to stop Sitting Bull's Indian wars - but the Army insists on using force.
 Bare Knuckles Dan Megowan as Terrible Terry Mulligan
Wally Brown as Brad Hovey
Hal Baylor as Cowboy Hill
 While trying to raise money to pay the mortgage, Jonesy inadvertently involves Slim in a shady boxing match.
 The Lonesome Gun Gary Merrill as Ed Farrell  Ed Farrell has a grudge against Slim Sherman and plots to take revenge - Jonesy sets out to stop him.
 Night Of The Quiet Man Lyle Bettger as John McCambridge
Carl Benton Reid as Rogers
Read Morgan as Ames
Anthony Caruso as Kurt Lang
Robert Knapp as Brodie
 Ex Marshall John McCambridge decides to help rehabilitate outlaws and with the help of Slim and Jess sets up a haven for reformed gunmen in Laramie.
 The Pass Madlyn Rhue as Eve
Richard Shannon as Ben Sears
John Pickard as Will Cooper
Walter Sande as Sergeant Coffey
 The Army is preparing an all out campaign against the Sioux, but plans are delayed when Slim discovers the Indians are holding a girl captive.
 Trail Drive Jim Davis as Hake Ballard  To make extra money Slim, Jess and Jonesy hire on as hands in a cattle drive, then find out that the trail boss Hake Ballard plans to kill them.
 Day Of Vengeance John Larch as Cabe Reynolds
Adele Mara as Alice Goren
Phillip Pine as Juan Mendoza
Harry Bartell as Ernie Polk
Vinton Hayworth as Joshua Meeker
 Cabe Reynolds is being taken to Laramie to stand trial for killing his wife. On the way his coach is attacked by a gang that doesn't want Reynolds to testify.
 The Legend Of Lily Kent Taylor as Ben Carson
Constance Moore as Lily Langford
Patsy Kelly as Bee
George Tobias as Shanghai Pierce
William Tannen as Sheriff of Laramie
Harry Lauter as Alamo
 Former star Lily Langford is reduced to performing in frontier saloons and her Husband angered by her loss of prestige and earning power takes pleasure in tormenting her.
 Death Wind Claude Akins as Tom Cole
Nancy Gates as Angela Cole
Stacy Harris as Teague
Chris Alcaide as Will Brent
James Anderson as Troy Thomas
William Fawcett as Ben
 The Death Wind, a raging tornado forces escaped prisoner Tom Cole and his wife to take refuge at the Sherman Ranch. But he is followed by killers.
 Company Man John Dehner as Jack Slade
James Best as Ben Leach
Rad Fulton as Johnny Leach
Olive Sturgess as Caroline
Bing Russell as Tex
 The new superintendent for the stage line arrives in Laramie with big ideas for cleaning up the Company. Objecting to Jess's background he intends to have him fired.
 Rope Of steel Harry Townes as Mace Stringer
Mari Blanchard as Sally
George Mitchell as Bowden
Bartlett Robinson as Sheriff
 A thief and his victim kill each other and the only witness,Mace Stringer impulsively steals the money. Angry towns people believe that Slim and Jonesy have robbed the bodies.
 Duel At Alta Mesa Douglas Dumbrille as T.J.Patterson
Tom Drake as Tom Mannering
Fay Spain as Gloria Patterson
Alan Dexter as Lorn Gallagher
Don O'Kelly as Rick
Pamela Duncan as Dolly
Ron Hayes as Ray
George Kennedy as Gene
 T.J.Patterson suspects Tom Mannering of robbing his stage line, and while Mannering does have a lot of money he claims he won it in a poker game.
 Street Of Hate Charles Bronson as Frank Buckley
Dean Fredericks as Chad Morgan
Barton MacLane as Cameron Gault
Kathleen Crowley as Laurie Allen
Joel Smith
 The murderer of one of Laramie's most popular citizens is released on parole. Slim agrees to be responsible for him - against the wishes of the towns people.
 Ride Or Die Simon Oakland as Vernon Kane
Robert Clark as Jack Farnum
Sue England as Deborah Farnum
Steven Darrell as Sheriff
Howard Wright as Doctor
Tom Eustis as David McMahon
 Slim Pursues outlaw Vern Kane into the desert. Kane meets Jack and Deborah Farnum and tells them that Slim is a criminal.
 Hour After Dawn Bruce Bennett as Con Creighton
Ben Johnson as Billy Pardee
Gloria Talbott as Maud
Robert Osterloh as Sheriff
Anne Barton as Sarah
Irving Bacon as Elmer
Clarence Straight as Cruse
 Sentenced to hang Billy Pardee believes his half- brother Con Creighton will save him.

Sheriff Mort Corey appears for the first time played by Robert Osterloh. The character has a wife, Sarah.

 The Protectors Vince Edwards as Gil Craig
Herbert Rudley as Luke Rawlins
Mari Aldon as Celie Rawlins
Robert Bray as Sam Willard
William Phipps as Allen
Ted DeCorsia as Greer
Baynes Barron as Sheriff
 Cattlemen around Laramie use gunmen to run the settlers out - then the settlers hire gunmen of their own.
 Saddle And Spur Beverley Garland as Terry Blake
George Neise as Earl Durbin
Edgar Buchanan as Calico
Richard Devon as Trask
Walter Coy as Bishop
Walt Graff as Clark
 Slim and Jess make a stop at a small Kansas town and are elected temporary marshals.
 Midnight Rebellion Bruce Gordon as Major Cantfell
Michael Pate as Loren Corteen
Edward Kemmer as Vern Jamison
Marion Collier as Jeanette Durand
 Jess joins a band of terrorists who plan to overthrow the Government and set up a State of their own.
 Cemetery Road Dennis Patrick as Ross
Read Morgan as Glen Bentley
Jocelyn Brando as Julia Hassen
 Slim tries to prevent violence but a member of a passing wagon train shoots the village blacksmith.
 Men Of Defiance Bing Russell as Reb O'Neil
Don Megowan as Clint Gentry
Edgar Buchanan as Doc Collier
Dennis Miller as Toby
John Pickard as Gabe Kert
 Ambushed by an outlaw gang Jess is saved by Reb O'Neil, but the gang take O'Neil hostage and want to trade him for Jess.


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