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Get your very own unique and personal greeting recorded just for you by Robert Fuller.

It could be a birthday or anniversary greeting for a family member or a friend

It might be to wish someone well if they have been unwell, or to congratulate them on an event in their lives.

It might even be just for you !!!

Maybe you would like a voicemail greeting from Robert Fuller such as

“Hi this is Robert Fuller. George cannot come to the phone now as he is taking his annual shower!!!”

Cost per recording only $40 - For a gift that will last a lifetime.

Here is what you need to know:

1) All recordings/messages must include name/names i.e

    “Hi, this is Robert Fuller delivering birthday greetings to Bill Smith with best      wishes from John Smith”

    “Hi this Robert Fuller. Sorry that Jim and Peggy can’t take your call right

     now, but leave them a message and they’ll get right back to you”.

2) Recording types:

     Greetings i.e birthday, anniversary, get well, Voicemail message etc

3) Customers to produce their own message.

4) Max number of words – 35

5) All messages to be for personal use only and cannot be transferred or     resold.

6) All orders subject to content approval before order is finally accepted.        We will not accept messages that include sexual content or bad        language, or any political or religious comments.

7) Message will be delivered in MP3 format

8) Delivery of message/greeting will be by email only.

9) Once a recording has been made refunds cannot not be given

10) Cost per recording is $40

This gift will last a lifetime


1) Using email send the message you would like recorded to:

2) Your message will be checked to ensure it complies with normal      standards of decency.

3) Once your message is approved you will receive an email with      payment instructions.

4) When payment is received your order will be sent to Robert Fuller      for recording. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

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