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The Laramie Story is set in the the Sherman ranch and relay station 12 miles outside of the town of Laramie in 1870s. Wyoming

Young Slim Sherman is the joint owner of the ranch along with his younger brother Andy. They are looked after by family friend Jonesy who lives at the ranch with them.

Slim is a solid citizen who was raised to firmly believe in the rule of law and finds it hard to deviate from that belief. He believes people should always tell the truth and struggles to accept there is ever a reason to lie.

Life on the ranch is simple, honest, hard work and mundane.

Into this set up comes a young drifter, Jess Harper who is a skilled gunman with no roots and very little future.

Jess has less belief in the law choosing to believe in what is right irrespective of right not always being lawful.

Both Slim and Jess are fiercely loyal.

The first meeting between Slim and Jess is less than friendly as Jess is trespassing on Sherman land.  Slim tries to move him on at the point of a gun, however Jess manages to disarm him and leaves without a fight.

Jess becomes one of the unwilling participants when Slim, Andy and Jonesy are held hostage by outlaw Bud Carlin.

Following the shootout with Carlin, Slim offers Jess the chance to stay on and work at the ranch, at the same time offering him the chance of a future and a home. While not being totally convinced Jess agrees to stay and give it a try.

This sets the scene for 4 years of action, conflict, adventure and the development of an incredible friendship between the two young men whose outlook on life is completely opposite, as they fight for survival in the Old West, taking on outlaws, Indians and the elements.

Slim Sherman, Jess Harper, Jonesy, Andy Sherman