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According to a wanted poster Jess Harper was five foot eleven inches, 175 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair. (The Lawless Seven)


He was wiry with plenty of muscle, fast on the draw and quick to lose his temper. Loyal to a tee and dependable in times of trouble.

Most of the girls in Laramie seem to think he’s pretty handsome. (The General Must Die)  

Jess Harper was one of two lead characters in the television western series Laramie. When he first rode into Laramie Jess was footloose, a drifter living alone and by his wits. Over the four year run of Laramie he grew and matured into a law abiding man who became part owner of the Sherman ranch and relay station, and was often called upon to defend the very law he challenged in his youth.

This is his story.

The Early Years Work In Progress