The Robert Fuller Fandom is

Robert Fuller’s Official International Fan Club.

The Robert Fuller Fandom can be located on Facebook.

Joining is easy and free and will take you to a whole community of Robert’s fans where you can see

lots of new photographs of Robert and engage in many discussions about his life and work.

Being in the Fandom has many exclusive benefits.

At Festivals Robert invariably has private Q and A sessions with his Fandom members where

you have the chance to ask him all of those burning questions.

Members can add their own personal greeting to a Fandom birthday card or Christmas card.

Sometimes there are exclusive deals available to Fandom members only

But the biggest benefit of all is being part of a great community where you will learn all about Robert and

enjoy the company of other fans.

How To Join

Joining the Fandom is as easy as pie.

Simply click on the Facebook logo below and you will be taken to the Fandom page.

Simply ask to join.

Answer the 3 questions and then sit back while we approve you.

It is expressly forbidden for anyone to take, copy or duplicate for any reason whatsoever any material from any pages of

The Official Robert Fuller Website without the consent of the website owners.

Please contact: