Air date: 16th November 1966

Episode: Court Martial

Role: Captain Jeffrey Stone

Acting under orders from the army, Captain Stone (Robert Fuller) heads up a patrol assigned to escort Jim, who is accused of murder, to face a court martial. Captain Stone is a man torn between his obligation to duty and his growing sense that Jim has been falsely accused. The patrol meets up with Colonel Malcomm who insists the court martial take place while still on the trail.  Stone volunteers his services as defence counsel for Jim, intent on uncovering the truth.

Air date: 22nd March 1967

Episode: The Welcoming Town Role: Clint Richards

Robert Fuller plays the questionable character of Clint Richards whose true colours lurk behind a veneer of charm and good looks. Clint woos the daughter of farmer, Sam Atkins, but romance is not the only thing on his mind. When Trampas arrives in town looking up old friends his presence stirs up a hornet’s nest of trouble exposing secrets and a hidden agenda Clint would much prefer remain buried. A Welcoming Town gave Robert the opportunity to work with long time pal, Doug McClure.

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Dan August

The Trouble With Women

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Big Valley

Flock Of Trouble



1972 -79

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Adam 12

Lost and Found


Air date:17th February 1971

Episode: Flight From Memory

Role: Carl Ellis

 Posing as a deputy, Carl Ellis tracks a young girl suffering memory loss to a small cabin in the high country claiming she is a murderer. The colonel, sensing something is amiss, refuses to hand her over. Carl is not deterred and follows them to a convent where the girl’s memory returns and the real murderer (Ellis) is identified and killed in the ensuing gun fight.

Note: the theme tune was written by Ennio Morricone who was responsible for Sergio Leone’s “Man With No Name” scores and numerous other Italian western scores.



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Air date:7th January 1971

Episode: The Titan