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In 1959 Robert Fuller got his big break when he secured the part of Jess Harper in Laramie. The role made him an international star and is the role he is best identified with even 50 years on.

There is a whole section of his website dedicated to Laramie. To view this in depth look at Laramie please follow the link below.

The year was 1963 and following 4 very successful years in Laramie Robert moved immediately into Wagon Train one of the most successful tv western series ever made.

Wagon Train ran for 8 seasons and featured some of Hollywood’s top stars

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Hour Of The Bath

During a break from Laramie Robert was asked to star in the Alcoa Premier Series Episode


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Wagon Train

In 1964 Robert played his Wagon Train character Cooper Smith in a trailer to launch a new western series called “Destry”. The series starred XXXXXXXXX as Destry and while Robert did play in the promotional trailer he never actually appeared in the series.

We are trying to find this rare footage so you can see it.