The Judas Goat adds another notch to Robert’s growing list of 1959 guest appearances. Sporting a o’clock shadow and an arrogant air, Deputy Marshal Hank Drew (Robert Fuller) makes himself known to Marshal Wyatt Earp (Hugh O’Brien). Hank is a character of questionable moral standards, walking a thin line between lawman and bounty hunter while working undercover. Robert plays the part of Hank with petulance and attitude, making the audience want to side with good guy, Earp.

Airdate: 31st March 1959

Episode: The Judas Goat

Role: Deputy Marshall Hank Drew

Air Date: 5th April 1959

Episode: The Souvenir

Role: Davey Carey

The role of Davey Carey is the first of two guest appearances by Robert in Lawman. Although only on screen for a few minutes, he gives a poignant performance as the younger brother of convicted murderer Virgil Carey. Mortally wounded while refusing to give Marshall Troop and Deputy McKay entry to his home, young Davey is held dying in his mother’s embrace.  A few months later Robert appeared in a more significant role as Buck Harmon in The Friend.

Air Date: 28th June 1959

Episode: The Friend

Role: Buck Harmon

Buck Harmon is not your stereotypical outlaw. This interesting three-dimensional character is almost a sneak preview of the future Jess Harper. Trying to protect Deputy Johnny McKay (Peter Brown), a long time friend of his, Buck abandons his outlaw gang intending to get McKay out of Laramie before they hit town. Besides coping with the wrath of his former gang, Buck has to deal with a township who won’t forget his past and a father who won’t forgive it.

Wagon Train

The Kate Parker Story


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Airdate: 2nd April 1959

Episode: Park The Body

Role: Roy Barlow

Clean cut Roy Barlow is the last person you would suspect in a missing person’s case. But when Mike Hammer receives an anonymous letter tipping him off about the disappearance of parking garage employee Joe Case, things are not what they seem at the lot run by Roy’s mother Agnes Barlow. Mike has his job cut out for him figuring out the truth. ‘Park the Body’ was Robert’s second guest appearance in “Mike Hammer”.

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Air Date: 7th May 1959

Episode: The Cutie Jaffe Story

Role: Cutie Jaffe

It’s October 8th 1928 during Prohibition. Cutie Jaffe, young, cocky and ambitious sets out to make a name for himself and a quick buck in the world of bootleggers and mobsters by hijacking a truck loaded with illegal whiskey.  But Cutie learns a hard lesson – you don’t cross the big boys in racketeering and expect to get away with it.  In this episode of ‘The Lawless Years’ another of Robert’s characters meets an untimely death. Pay particular attention to the stunt at the end of the episode when Cutie meets his maker.