Airdate: 21st February 1959

Episode: Blind is the Killer

Role: Joey Cole

In a Cimarron City saloon, brash loudmouth kid Joey Cole (Robert Fuller), rawhides Mayor Matt Rockford (George Montgomery) into a showdown. The impulsive Joey draws and fires, exploding a bottle of whisky into Rockford’s eyes. While a blinded Rockford unravels his past as a reluctant gunfighter, young Joey hides out, nearly imploding with remorse. Joey goes back to face Rockford, not to crawl, but to apologize. In their brief scene together, guest Robert Fuller and series star John Smith (Sheriff Lane Temple) display tantalizing glimpses of their future legendary Laramie chemistry as Jess Harper and Slim Sherman.

Air Date: 22nd June 1959

Season 4 - Episode 38

Episode: Fire

Role: Judd Patterson

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Air Date: 12th January 1959

Episode: Shadow Of A Gunfighter

Role: Jim Winfield

One month after Peligroso aired, Robert again appeared in The Restless Gun. Jim Winfield is a young man trying to escape his father’s gun-fighter reputation. After trail-bossing a cattle drive, Jim enthusiastically celebrates in a saloon. Concerned he is an easy target for thieves, Vint Bonner (John Payne), a friend of Jim’s father, escorts him upstairs to sober up. Like so many of Robert’s earlier roles, Jim finds himself on the wrong end of a bullet. The contrast between Bud (Peligroso) and Jim – brings attention to the versatility required of an actor.

Starring Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Matthews, Highway patrol ran for four seasons from 1955 – 1959. Robert guest starred in this episode as Judd Patterson. Having already served time for arson, Judd becomes the main suspect when a warehouse is set on fire. Robert’s father (screen name Robert Cole) also had a small part playing Gerald Harter, a person of interest to police.

For its first two seasons U.S. Marshal was known as The Sheriff of Cochise, changing its name in October, 1958, to U.S. Marshal for the third and fourth seasons when studio boss Desi Arnez Sr. decided the main character, Sheriff Frank Morgan (John Bromfield), needed a wider jurisdiction and greater number of cases to investigate. Robert’s role in this 1959 season of U.S. Marshal has him playing an army corporal taken hostage, along with girlfriend Laurie Miller, by Pvt. Ravenol (Charles Bronson), a disgruntled soldier deserting from the army.

Air Date: 24TH January 1959

Episode: The Pusuit

Role: Corporal Eddie Wallace

(credited as Bob Fuller)

In 1959 Robert appeared in 2 episodes of Wagon Train as a guest star. The forst of these 2 episodes was called The Ella Lindstrom Story and featured the great Bette Davis. For more information on this episode please click on the link to the right.

Air Date: 2nd January 1959

Episode: The Ella Lindstrom Story Role: James Fitzpatrick

Air Date: 7th February 1959

Episode: I A’int Talkin

Role: Jimmy Nelson

The only witness to a murder, Jimmy Nelson is a kid running scared. Jimmy’s sister Myra calls Mike Hammer requesting his help in getting Jimmy to talk to the cops. Terrified, Jimmy steadfastly refuses to spill the beans.  On discovering the truth about his brother-in-law, Jimmy has a change of heart about keeping his mouth shut which puts his life in danger and he is ultimately killed. Mike Hammer was a police drama based on American author Mickey Spillane’s crime novels which date back to the early fifties.

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