Air date: 31st July 58

Episode: The Trial Of  Chrissy Miller

Role: Hargis

A young Robert Fuller portrays the part of cowpoke Hargis, wrongly accused of assaulting Chrissy Miller.  The girl’s reluctance to explain why she was home late causes the townsfolk to jump to assumptions and seek justice on her behalf. As the accusations reach a crescendo and it looks as if the young ranch hand may face a lynch mob, the truth is finally revealed by Chrissy’s young friend, ten year-old Jody.  It is fascinating to watch Robert transform the happy-go-lucky Hargis to a man desperate to prove his innocence.


M Squad, a police drama starring Lee Marvin as Lt. Frank Ballinger, debuted in 1957 and ran for 3 seasons. In this episode Robert plays the part of Danny Mitchell a young man forced to grow up with very little parental guidance. Believing he has accidently killed a Pawn shop clerk, Danny turns to ex-con Max Decker for help. Lt. Ballinger attempts to track him down before Danny finds himself in real trouble.

M SQUAD – The Trap

Air Date – 24th October 1958

Role – Danny Mitchell

Air Date: 12th January 1958

Episode: Peligroso

Role: Bud Bardeen

Punk kid, Bud Bardeen and his friend Collie Smith enter a Sand City saloon with trouble on their minds. After shooting the town’s sheriff in the leg, Bud is determined to make a reputation for himself. He throws down on series star, Vint Bonner (John Payne) but gets more than he bargained for in the process. Robert is required to give an intense performance as a ‘rotten, no-good kid’ who uses violence to big-note himself.


The series is called Flight and Robert’s episode was Outpost in Space. It ran for one season 1958 to 1959

Robert played an astronaut who was a bad guy and killed in 3rd episode - we have no character name.

Information suggests the series recreated actual incidents involving flight

[38] Flight (anthology): OUTPOST IN SPACE
(c) 1959 by Raylock Productions, inc. Show no. 38.
producers, Jack Rabin, Irving Block ;
director, Boris Sagal  writer, Anthony Ellis.
film editor, William H. Webb; photography, William Snyder.
Robert McQueeney, Theodore Marcusse, Robert Gist, Robert Fuller,
Ron Hagerthy, James Callahan, Robert Sherman, Lisa Britton, Frank Ray.
Host: General George C. Kenney.

Air date: 1958 to 1959

Episode - Outpost In Space

Role: Astronaut

Information on this show is hard to find. If you have any information, photographs or show copies please contact:

Revue Productions no. 1127A

Based on a story from Guy de Maupassant


Ronald Reagan

The captain of a wagon train must decide how to punish a young practical joker. His offer to trade a girl for some horses with Indians backfires and results in an attack on their group.

Air date: 12th October 1958

Season 7 - Episode 4

Episode: The Castaway

Role: Till

Episode copies and screen caps are not currently available although we are trying to find them

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A trick-shot artist threatens to kill the fiancé of the girl who was once his "human target" unless she rejoins his act. The fiancé, a gunsmith, devises a dangerous and daring plan to foil the ace shot.
(Rerun as "Pioneers" in syndication - 20th Oct 1963)

Air date: 11th December 1958

Season 7 - Episode 17

Episode: The Gunsmith

Role: Alex

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Airdate: 28th November 1958

Episode: Coney Island Winter

Season 1, Episode 5

Role: Andy

The original concept for Lux sponsored entertainment began in the 1930s with Lux Radio Theatre before moving to television in the 1950s. Undergoing several name changes and concepts over the following decades it was eventually known as Lux Playhouse. In this 1958 episode of Lux Playhouse, Robert has the role of Andy, a young college student working part time at a beachside café on Coney Island. Coveting his boss’s wife Anna, Andy fills her head with doubts about her husband’s fidelity hoping she will turn to him for comfort.  

Air date: 21st November 1958

Episode: The Epidemic

Role: Stan

Stan (Robert Fuller) is a young man involved with an outlaw gang who plan to rob the Salt River Bank. A deadly anthrax epidemic is sweeping the town and surrounding area. Stan and two other gang members fall victim to the disease. The role of Stan is a small part with a little dialogue and screen time, and was one of many stepping stones which led to Robert getting the role of Jess Harper in Laramie. In this episode Robert had the opportunity to work with long time friend Chuck Courtney, and future friend Warren Oates.