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Air Date - 27th February 2001 Episode: Retreat Hell

Role – Marine Corps General

Robert’s role was a cameo where he played the part of a Marine Corps General who presented a medal to one of the characters.

We will have a slide show coming soon for Jag

Air Date - 19th May 2001 Episode: The Final Showdown

Roles – Wade Harper and Town Sheriff

Robert’s last appearance in “Walker” was in the show’s final episode titled “The Final Showdown”. Here Robert reprised his role of Wade Harper and also played the part of an old western town sheriff. Both of his characters were killed.

We will have a slide show coming soon for Walker

Air Date - 2003

Episode: When Cowboys Were King

Roles – Himself

Part of the Time Machine series on the History Channel this show traces the history of the Western from the early days of Edison Studios to the various B-grade Westerns and, finally, to the television aftermath of the '50s and '60s. Rare clips, as well as interviews with Robert, Bruce Dern, Carroll Baker, Ernest Borgnine, John Ritter, Ricardo Montalban, and Tom Selleck, highlight the considerable impact the Western genre has had on American culture since the early 1900s.

We will have a slide show coming soon for When Cowboys Were King