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A favourite moment from Laramie

This is the ending of the second episode of season one and features a neat little song composed by Hoagy Carmichael especially for the episode.

Enjoy the stars of Laramie singing

Marry Me In Laramie

Laramie was aired

in more than

70  countries.

When Laramie was first conceived Jess Harper was called Josh Harper

Slim Sherman originally had 2 brothers

The house used in Hitchcock’s “Pyscho” was located just up the hill from Laramie Street

The German title of Laramie is Am Fuß der blauen Berge, which means At The Foot Of The Blue Mountain

In 1959, Robert Crawford Jr was nominated for an Emmy for his performance on the "Child of Our Time" episode of Playhouse 90

According to one rating service (NTI) “Laramie” led its time slot all four years it was on the air.

The Laramie theme, written by Cyril J. Mockridge, was originally used in the score for the 1945 film, "Thunderhead-Son of Flicka"

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The Stars Of Laramie

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Laramie Guest Stars

John Smith Memorial

The Psycho house was used in 2 episodes of Laramie in Run Of The Hunted and Duel At Parkinson Town    

The part of Sheriff Mort Cory was played by two different actors


John Smith bought the horse he rode in Laramie from John Wayne

L Q Jones guest starred in Laramie 8 times

Dennis Patrick, Robert J Wilke and Harry Lauter 7 times

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