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During his 4 years in Laramie Jess must have found it to be the most dangerous place he ever lived in. He was shot a total of 18 times 11 of which were on his left side!!

Here is a look at the pain and suffering he endured.

Night Of The Quiet Man

Right shoulder

40 mins 18 secs into ep

The General Must Die

Left Shoulder

26 mins 36 secs into ep

Run To Tumavaca

Left shoulder

37 mins 20 secs into ep

Men Of Defiance

Left Shoulder

20 mins 20 secs into ep


The Lost Dutchman

Right upper arm

36 mins 47 secs into ep

Trigger Point

Left upper arm

11 mins 20 secs into ep

The Debt

Left ribs

46 mins 37 secs into ep

 Bitter Glory

Left shoulder

16 mins 19 secs into ep


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