Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 7

Episode Guide

Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode One

The Steel  Inferno

Air date -  7th January 1978

Linda Gray as Evelyn Davis

Brendan Boone as Mr. Davis

Ann Lockhart as Sue Adams

Lyndel Stuart as Dr. Jean Wilson

William Bronder as 2nd Guard

Joseph Della Sorte as George Wells

Sidney Clute  as Boss Painter

Robert Karnes as D.A.C.

Steven Marlo as Battalion Chief #14

Philip Baker Hall as Oliver Warren

T. Miratti as Bob Ryan

Buck Young as Chief #21

Multiple units, including Squad 51 are called to a high rise building where a fire has broken out on the top floors.  The story follows the lives of several different people trapped in the fire and their struggle to survive while waiting for rescue. When the severity of the fire becomes clear, triage is set up in the underground parking garage. Robert has only a very small role in this first movie-length episode of Emergency.

Episode 2

Survival on Charter 220

Air Date – 25th March 1978

David Ladd as Paramedic  Pete

Jay Hammer as Paramedic  Charlie

Jason Evers as Justin Manning

Barrie Youngfellow as Christine

Marla Adams as Mrs Anderson

Rebecca York as Debbie, The Stewardess

Diedre Lenihan as Dr. O’Brien

James A. Watson Jr. as Lenny

Jim B. Smith as Ed Crane

Peter D. Greene as Ken Allen

Randall Carver as Gene Wright

Politicians and the press travelling on a passenger plane provide an air of intrigue as this episode of Emergency builds towards imminent disaster. An unhappy couple flying a small Cessna cause a mid air collision when distracted by bickering.

A fire bomb adds to the catastrophe when the wreckage plummets to earth in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. Tension mounts on discovering Roy and John are trapped inside a gutted house while treating an injured child. Robert is not in this episode.

Episode 3

Most Deadly Passage

Air date- 4th April 1978

Jesse Vint as Paramedic  Nick Halverson

Anthony Herrera as Paramedic Rocky Morrow

Ted Gehring as Barney McMillan

John Kauffman as Frankie

Terence Burk as David Larson

Kenneth Toby as Capt. Gorgon Trigg

Cecilia Hart as Nancy Halverson

Eric Server as Lt. Mike Olson

Joan Tompkins as Maggie Trig

Bill Zuckert as Jason Bennett

Michael Feffer as Peggy Larson

Gage and De Soto head to Washington State to see how the paramedic program operates in Seattle and are extremely impressed by the higher level of responsibility afforded their northern colleagues. Roy and John become more than observers when a first-day-on-the -job delivery driver supplies the wrong fuel to a ferry dock, resulting in a catastrophic engine explosion on one of the vessels. Robert is not in this episode.

Episode 4

Greatest Rescues Of Emergency

Air Date – 31st December 1978

No guest stars were given credit in this episode, presumably because they had been credited in the original runs where the snippets were taken.

Roy and John are both promoted to Captain and take a walk down memory lane, recalling some of the greatest rescues they took part in during their time with Squad 51. This episode is a series of flash backs, replaying scenes from various episodes following the journey which eventually led to the boys making the grade of Captain.  Robert appears briefly in some flashbacks.

Episode 5

What’s A Nice Girl Like You Doing...

Air Date – 26th June 1979

Paul Sylvan as Pete Delaney

Patty McCormack as Gail

John De Lancie as Dr. DeRoy

Deidre Lenihan as Laurie Campbell

Jordan Suffin as Joe Marshall

Zacki Murphy as Ellen Ankers

James Whitworth as Harvey Ludwig

Chelsey Uxbridge as Dominick

Tom Williams as Frank Weber

Ed Peck as Tregartin

The jet -setting duo – Gage and DeSoto - are on another voyage of discovery, this time travelling to San Francisco in order to learn how the Paramedic and Rescue operations function in the City By The Bay.  This episode focuses on the pros and cons of women working in the field and the advantages and disadvantages the fire fighters and paramedics face operating as two separate entities.  The episode finishes with a climactic fire rescue on Pier 5. Robert is not in this episode.

Episode 6

The Convention

Air Date – 3rd July 1979

Paul Sylvan as Pete Delaney

Patty McCormack as Gail

John DeLancie as Dr. DeRoy

Deidre Lenihan as Laurie Campbell

David Westberg as Gordon Warren

Jordan Suffin as Joe Marshall

Zacki Murphy as Ellen Ankers

Joseph Della Sorte as Marvin

Sam Hiona as Officer Frank

The action again picks up in San Francisco when Gage and DeSoto are invited to attend a paramedic convention. They get more than they bargained for when they become involved in treating a choking victim, a woman in labour and find themselves caught in the middle of an apartment building siege. And last but not least, this closing episode of Emergency ends with another spectacular explosion and structure fire. Robert is not in this episode.

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Season 7 Synopsis by Sally Bahnsen

Beta Reader - Jan Graham

Season 7 was the final season of Emargency and comprised of 6 feature length movies that ran over a period of 18 months.

Season 6 was actually the final season of Emergency as a TV series.

Most of the original cast of the series were not in the Season 7 movies but we have included Season 7 in the Episode Guide for historical reference.

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