Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 6

Episode Guide

Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 1

The Game

26th September 1976

Larry Carroll as Walters

Jack Knight as The Fan

Paramedics tend to a man pulled from his roof when rope tied to his waist is connected to the family car. Roy and John are the envy of the stationhouse when they pull a stint at the big football game. But duty calls and the boys barely see any of the play, back at Rampart, the staff get a bird’s eye view on the TV The action continues for Roy and John when a reporter has a heart attack in the press box. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 2

Not Available

2nd October 1976

Kristen Banfield as 2nd Woman

Dorothy Love as Florence

Ivy Bethune as May

Delay in reaching a man with post operative pulmonary embolism almost ends in disaster. The paramedics approach Brackett with their frustration regarding their run allocation. An elderly woman at Rampart thinks Dr. Brackett is too young to be competent. Roy and John rescue an escaped prisoner from the side of a building. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 3

The Unlikely Heirs

9th October 1976

Paul Brinegar as Max

Bennye Gatteys as Cheryl

Jim Stathis as Stuart

Poindexter Yothers as Andy

While responding to a fire at an abandoned plant, the firemen rescue a homeless man suffering smoke inhalation. Chet and Marco find $80,000 hidden in the old man’s mattress.  When a bride faints at her wedding, Dixie arranges for the couple to marry in the hospital.  Squad 51 tends a woman having an anxiety attack.  A small plane crash ignites a fire in a warehouse where flammable liquids are stored. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 4

That Time Of Year

23rd October 1976

Ronnie Schell as Allan Hendricks

Dave Pritchard as Jack Grady

Pamela Shoop as Marcia Emerson

Meg Wyllie as Mrs. Pastone

Linda Gray as Judy

Roy is planning his vacation and getting lots of unwanted advice. While responding to a structure fire, he suffers heat exhaustion which earns him a trip to the E.D. and more vacation advice. The Squad attends to a man injured while teaching self defence.  A woman fears her fiancé will call off the engagement after her cooking gives him food poisoning. Gage and DeSoto rescue an injured hang glider from the side of a cliff. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 5

Fair Fight

30th October 1976

Terry Kiser as Lance

Anne Schedeen as Margo

Delos V. Smith as Greg

Jack Bender as Sills

A structure fire distracts the firemen from a stray dog who wanders into the firehouse.  Squad 51 is thrust into the midst of a domestic argument when a couple uses violence. which then results in numerous call outs. for the guys.  Johnny risks his life rescuing victims of a tunnel cave-in. Little screen time for Robert,but Kel’s leather jacket makes up for it.

Episode 6

Rules Of Order

6th November 1976

James G. Richardson as Craig Brice

Larry Manetti as Bert Dwyer

Vince Howard as Policeman

Bert Holland as Hoover

When Johnny and his nemesis, Paramedic Craig Brice, wind up on the Paramedic Advisory Committee, friction between the two is inevitable. Squad 51 tends to a traffic accident with an injured power line worker.  Two climbers trapped on the side of a building have all firemen from Station 51 in attendance. Very little screen time for Robert.

Episode 7

The Exam

13th November 1976

Bridget Hanley as Molly

Jodean Russo as Mrs. Cooper

Allan Lure as Sam

Johnny and Roy are due to sit their recertification exam and pressure is starting to tell. Molly, whose fire fighter husband was killed on duty a few years earlier, is proving needy, with regular calls to the paramedics. It’s an emotional time for Gage, DeSoto and hospital staff when Molly’s small daughter suffers a serious head injury. Some nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 8

Captain Hook

20th November 1976

Joe Maross as Captain Hookrader

Jim B. Smith as Sergeant

Chad States as Terry

Rick Powell as Mike Kendell

When Captain Hookrader announces his retirement, the boys’ joy turns to procrastination when they have to consider his retirement party. The paramedics get a surprise when they respond to a ‘person down’ at a kids’ birthday party. Squad 51 tends to an injured mechanic, a house full of hysterical people and later perform a daring rescue when a helicopter crashes on rocks by the sea. Kel helps a recovering addict cope without pain meds. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 9

Computer Terror

4th December 1976

Ted Gehring as Clinton

Zitto Kazann as Alvie

Russ Grieve as Foreman

Walt Davis as Henry

A computer glitch pays Johnny 10 times his regular pay. Station 51 tends to a man trapped in a car at a wreckers yard and later to a man with a back injury where a dog hinders treatment. A window cleaner trapped on the side of a building proves a difficult rescue. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 10

Welcome To Santa Rosa County

25th December 1976

James Jeter as Sheriff Bittner

Carla Layton as Fisherman’s Wife

Bill Watson as Tom

While on a relaxing weekend fishing, Roy and John end up rescuing two hikers injured in a fall. In appreciation, the local sheriff shows the boys a great fishing spot. The paramedics rescue and treat a man badly burned in a boat explosion. The doctors at Rampart issue instructions despite their concern for legalities and jurisdiction. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 11

Paper work

8th January 1977

Laurie Kennedy as Nurse Patterson

Peter Brocco as Professor

William Bronder as Tree Trimmer

Jeff Cotler as Mike

A driver crashes into a fire hydrant - the man’s young son slips down a storm drain. The new admin system at Rampart is tying the E.D. in red tape, and the assigned supply nurse is making life difficult for the paramedics. A student research assistant suffers stomach cramps after swallowing a 2600 year old wine specimen. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 12

Loose Ends

15th January 1977

Walter Mathews as Ed

William Boyett as Battalion Chief #14

William Bryant as Captain

Vince Howard as 1st Officer

Rampart is shocked when Kel is brought in as a patient after a car accident. Despite recovering from his injuries, Kel is riddled with guilt after he learns the other driver died, leaving a daughter. In between rescues, Johnny is on a mission to sell tickets to the firemen’s picnic. The Squad car has mechanical failure plunging the boys into the middle of a police stake out – where one of the cops has a heart attack. The firemen battle a chemical blaze on the docks. Excellent screen time for Robert.

Episode 13

An Ounce Of Prevention

22nd January 1977

David Barry as Tom Jensen

Richard Charlyle as Bert Phillips

Peggy Webber as Helen Phillips

Chad States as Ken

Roy and Johnny are invited to appear on TV much to Roy’s disgust. During the segment, their bungling antics turn to heroism when a worker is electrocuted on set. A man suffering chest pain trapped at the top of a stalled Ferris wheel provides a difficult rescue. When a young man attempts to help, he becomes a casualty, too. The paramedics respond to a small boy found unconscious in his back yard. Dr. Brackett educates the parents on the dangers of pesticides.  Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 14

Insanity Epidemic

5th February 1977

Robert Pratt as Gas Station Attendant.

Ellen Moss as Thelma

Bill Zuckert as Bill Nelson

Nancy Fox as Instructor

Vince Howard as Vince

Vincent St Cyr as Bruno

Betty Ann Carr as Lucy

Captain Stanley suffers a lot of stress over the new battalion chief inspecting the station. A fuel spill ignites when the owner of the gas station turns the power back on. Kel is up in arms about the new administration policies and tackles the problem head on. The paramedics attend to a man accidently shot with a nail gun, a fight at an ice skating rink and a vehicle accident involving a truck carrying pesticides. Some nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 15


12th February 1977

Dick Bakalyan as Charley

Brian Byers as Gerald

Joan Roberts as Jane

Jean Allison as Grace

Mechanical breakdowns cause problems for Roy and John out on the road. Responding to a complaint about overgrown brush, leads the firemen to a seriously ill woman.  Thorough investigation by Brackett reveals the woman and her husband are suffering from a form of anthrax due to contaminated yarn. Gage and Desoto put their climbing skills to the test when an injured man is stuck at the top of a sky tower. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 16

Family Ties

19th February 1977

Howard Honig as Arthur Basye

Susan Lawrence as Susan Basye

Jimmy Van Patten as Mark

Debbie Storm as Toni

Dirk Evans as Truck Driver

Roy is in dread of his mother-in-law’s impending visit. The paramedics respond to a traffic accident with a seriously injured man and his med student daughter. Joe and Kel practice the art of sacrifice when they find out a medical convention is in Acapulco. Sometimes nobility can backfire on a friendship.  An electrical fault in a hospital starts a fire in a patient’s room. Some fun scenes between Kel and Joe. Excellent screen time for Robert.

Episode 17

Bottom Line

26th February 1977

Nick Pellegrino as Coach

Vince Howard as Vince

Belle Ellig as Madeline

Kedric Wolfe as Duke

Johnny Timko as Randy

Already frustrated by Dr. Morton’s over cautious approach to routine call outs, Roy and John have to deal with a patient who seems to be faking a back injury. On the other extreme a nurse’s blasé attitude to a boy with a head injury ends with dire consequences.  Kel’s quick response helps to reduce the severity of phosphorous burns to a patient’s arm. This is an excellent episode to see what is under Kelly Brackett’s tough exterior. His bedside manner with the young boy is kind and gentle and he is visibly shaken when things don’t end well. Excellent screen time for Robert.

Episode 18

Firehouse Quintet

5th March 1977

Howard McGillin as Dwyer

Happy Hairston as Referee

Herb Vigran as Lou

James Westmoreland as Grip The Foreman

The boys at station 51 are gearing up for basket ball semi finals.  While attending a practice session, play turns to work when they treat an injured gymnast. A gas explosion in a cafeteria results in victims being trapped in a cold room. Roy and John rescue an injured man stuck on a roof rafter. It’s semi final day and after a rough night of rescues the boys are not on their game.  Can they be rescued from complete humiliation? Very little screen time for Robert.

Episode 19

The Boat

12 March 1977

Dick Bakalyan as Charlie

Ted Ghering as Clinton

Zitto Kazann as Alvie

William Boyett as Chief Battalion 14

Vince Howard as Police Officer

Resident firehouse mechanic, Charlie, has a boat for sale. The firemen plan to go in as joint owners. Gage and DeSoto work with helicopter rescue when a boat runs aground on rocks, the male occupant experiencing chest pain. Squad 51 tends to an illegal bookmaker suffering cardiac arrest. The action moves a little too close to home when a gas explosion rocks Rampart. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 20


18th March 1977

Vince Howard as 2nd Officer

Lyndel Stuart as Dr. Slade

Glen Sipes as 3rd Officer

Bad weather threatens to ruin Johnny’s hot date when the paramedics are assigned to an isolated fire station. The inclement weather brings its share of casualties including car wreck victims, a child with bronchitis, a lady with a fractured hip and a man with chest pain. At Rampart, the medical staff treats a policeman struck by lightning and deal with a power outage. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 21


23rd April 1977

William Bryant as Captain 16

Walter Barnes as Mike Gold

Shannon Farnon as Mrs. Robinson

Jeannie Fitzsimmons as Newswoman

William Boyett as Chief AMcConnike

Vince Howard as Officer Vince

Paramedic Craig Brice is again, stealing the media limelight and sending Gage green with envy. An over turned tractor pins a girl beneath it. Kel treats the accident victims and a boy wounded by a pellet gun. Roy and John treat a hyperventilating babysitter When Brice is rescued from a structure fire, he still manages to attract press attention.  Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 22

Upward And Onward

2 April 1977

Dabbs Greer as Hubert Nippert

Tom Williams as Arnold Myers

Tabi Cooper as Jody

William Boyett as Chief McConnike

Captain Stanley is sitting his Chief’s exam, and everyone at station 51 knows about it. Dr Ned, television soap star, takes ill throwing the production company into panic. Attempting to take the show to Rampart, the crew are not prepared for the force known as Kelly Brackett. This is a fun episode with Hollywood poking fun at Hollywood. Some great screen time for Robert.

Episode 23


16th April 1977

William Bryant as Battalion Chief

George Brenlin as Mort

Bette Ford as Juen Edwards

Vince Howard as Policeman

Lani Gustavson as Foreman

Abraham Alvarez as C-Shift Fireman

A long day looms ahead for the firemen when Captain Stanley arrives at work in a less than jovial mood. A man with his hand caught in garage control sprocket causes a sticky problem for the paramedics.  The squad responds to a woman found unconscious in a car and Hank confides his health concerns to Roy. At Rampart the doctors treat a Jane Doe discovered in a motel room. An explosion at a refinery ignites a spectacular fire trapping workers at the top of a sky tower. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 24

All Night Long

26th March 1977

James McEachin as Julius Clark

Carmen Zapata as Woman Injured In Wreck

Bill Walker as Mr. Jefferson

Ben Wright as Oscar Hubbs

James Griffith as Lester Bowles

Patti Jerome as Thelma Austin

Vince Howard as Vince

Johnny fancies himself as a TV writer – Chet goads him into action and so the sleepless nights of a writer’s life begin. Roy questions Gage’s commitment to his craft. Squad 51 tends to a man suffering chest pains. Tension runs high in the E.R. when a woman hurt in a vehicle accident arrests in the treatment room.  Rehearsing for a TV Game show a man is injured while attempting a tightrope walk between two buildings.  Little screen time for Robert.

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