Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 5

Episode Guide

Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 1

The Stewardess

13th September 1975

William Wintersole as Kirk

James Ingersoll as Cort

Joe La Due as Captain Dowell

Romance strikes again for Gage after he and Roy save a patient during a flight. He seems to have bitten off more than he can chew this time. The squad attends a motorbike accident where the victim is suffering more than injuries from the crash. A fire in a chemical plant provides plenty of action for the squad. Very little screen time for Robert.

Episode 2

The Old Engine Cram

20th September 1975

Bernard Fox as Kerner

Christopher Nelson as Arnie

Smith Evans as Marilyn Dennis

Kim Hamilton as Estelle Lee Dickens

Dick Yarmy as Bailey

The firemen go through a safety drill using sulphur trioxide in order to discover the best way to control a spill. All does not go smoothly. Roy and John see a ‘wanted to buy’ ad for a vintage fire truck and consider selling theirs.  The paramedics attend a dirt bike accident, revive a heart attack victim in the station house and assist the coast guard rescuing a man fallen from a cliff.   Dr. Morton misses the symptoms of polio in a young child who wasn’t vaccinated. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 3


27th September 1975

Sharon Gless as Sculptor

Cliff Osmond as Clyde

Maggie Malooly as Susan Murray

Hank Brandt as Tom Lawson

Chet goads John into running against Roy in an election for battalion delegate. The firemen tend to a man who has his hand trapped in a pipe. The man’s brother-in-law, Clyde ends up a patient when he swallows a beer can pull-tab. Brackett treats a small boy whose mother has something to hide.  A sculptor traps her model inside a plaster cast and later the boys rescue a man whose arm is stuck in a crane beam.  Some nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 4


4th October 1975

Lloyd Haynes as Captain Stone

Jessica Rains as Margaret

John Lawrence as Jacobson

Johnny helps out at station 8. When they respond to a heart attack victim, the situation becomes tense due to no squad being available. Brackett displays obvious frustration and Gage wrestles with the fact the victim died. Kel treats a tree surgeon with a collapsed lung. A small boy who is unable to move his legs causes concern for the medical staff at Rampart. Equipment issues again raise a problem when station 51 responds to a factory fire. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 5

The Inspection

11th October 1975

Wolfman Jack as Himself

Jeanne Cooper as Evelyn Fennedy

Warren Berlinger as Frank Fennedy

Roger Bowen as Felix Schell

Gerald Michenaud as Paul

Station 51 is on high alert when an inspection by the County Supervisor In Charge of the Fire Department is imminent. Evelyn claims her husband Frank is not the same man he was after a heart transplant. Brackett counsels Evelyn on how attitude plays a part in recovery. Squad 51 responds to a skydiving accident on the set of radio KJV’s promo ad and later to a car overturned in a city creek. When a vet is bitten by a dog, Kel stitches the man up in the E.D. Some nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 6

The Indirect Method

18th October 1975

Elayne Heilveil as Karen Overstreet

Dick Bakalyan as Dewey

Anne Loos as Mrs. Hurley

New trainee, Karen Overstreet, has a chip on her shoulder and a brash attitude.  Reluctantly, she agrees to follow direction and not show initiative until proven capable. A pep talk from Dixie helps Karen find her way after a shaky start on the job. Brackett fights to save the life of an elderly man with a pulmonary embolism.  Squad 51 respond to a house fire and Karen earns her stripes.  Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 7

Pressure 165

25th October 1975

Michael Roy as Chef Michel

Bing Russell as David Winslow

Del Monroe as Walt

Art Balinger as Battalion Chief 14

A diving accident sees the paramedics assisting the coast guard and treating the victim in a hyperbolic chamber. While inspecting fire hydrants, Roy and John come across a small kitchen fire in a home belonging to a television chef. As a thank you he gives John a cookbook and Gage sees it as a means to end his culinary teasing.  A rowdy gunshot victim tests Kel’s patience and surgical skills. A nice look at Brackett’s compassionate side.  Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 8

One Of Those Days

1st November 1975

Lara Parker as Betty Grinnell

Maria Adams as Rita Hudson

Penelope Windust as Jane Larson

Shirley Mitchell as Mrs. Larson

Ross Elliot as Henry Grinnell

Roy and John find themselves in the middle of a family squabble when called out to a woman suffering stomach pain. The boys are having one of those days where none of their rescues are straightforward. Brackett and Early treat a boy with a case of meningitis. Frustration mounts when the boy’s mother is more concerned with her busy schedule than her son’s welfare. Kel’s patience hangs by a thread. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 9

The Lighter-Than-Air-Man

15th November

James McEachin as Lt. Ron Crockett

Arthur O’Connell as Mr. Medford/Ben Maduzi

Randall Carver as The Groom

While responding to a woman in labour, Squad 51 allegedly knocks down a crossing guard.  Dr. Brackett suspects the man is lying and sets about proving it to the police. A couple get off to a rocky start when they have a car wreck on the way to their wedding. Disaster arrives at 51’s front door when a burning travel trailer pulls up in front of the station. The paramedics treat the victims. A toxic spill causes havoc at an accident scene. Some very good screen time for Robert.

Episode 10

Simple Adjustment

22nd November 1975

Elisabeth Brooks as Marla Ekberg

Jane Dulo as Salon Owner

Robin Clarke as Chris

Aneta  Corsaut as Sheila

Logging their runs is an issue when multiple responses leave John and Roy behind in their reports, but Gage thinks he has a solution. Station 51 tends to a vehicle accident, a diet-conscious woman high on amphetamines, a stroke victim whose daughter doesn’t think Rampart is good enough for him and an oil fire in a ship yard. Tiny amount of screen time for Robert.

Episode 11


29th November 1975

Laurie Burton as Jane Ellis

W.T. Zacha as 2nd Workman

Heath Jobes as John Whitaker

Lin McCarthy as Mr. House

The fire house TV bites the dust and Johnny over estimates his ability to repair it. An aquarium is wrongly delivered to Dr. Brackett’s office, Kel becomes a patient after being stung by a catfish. The squad responds to burning trash in a manhole, a man who glued his eyes shut and a landslide threatening a house. Little screen time for Robert but very good scenes.

Episode 12

On Camera

6th December 1975

Peter Palmer as George Antonio

Leigh Christian as Paula Hughes

Helen Page Camp as Mother

Paul Micale as Manager

Will MacIntyre Walker as Gary

Scott B. Wells as Workman.

Journalist, Paula Hughes, accompanies the firemen on their runs. Realising her focus is on brawn not brains, Roy sets out to show there’s more to firemen than bulging muscles.  The squad attends to a snake bite victim, want-to-be stuntman trapped on a wire, a boy fallen over a cliff and a structure fire.  Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 13


13th December 1975

Cynthia Sikes as Karen Martin

Craig Hundley as Gary Welton

Ted Gehring as Tom Blasmore

Barbara George as Diane Kenner

A young man has his arm caught in a pressing machine. so Dr. Brackett goes into the field fearing amputation may be the only way to save the victim. A radio communication problem is solved in Kel’s office. A young woman attempts suicide overdosing on amphetamines. The paramedics are unable to treat her while she is conscious and refusing help. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 14

To Buy Or Not To Buy

20th December 1975

Robert Pratt as Alexander Walcott-Smith

Alan Vint as Drive-rite Driving Instructor

Susan Gay Powell as Woman in Car Accident.

John is more than willing to offer advice when Roy contemplates buying property. Children trapped in a house fire cause concern for the firemen. Squad 51 tend to 2 traffic accidents and a `young boy with epilepsy stuck under a span bridge. Very little screen time for Robert.


Right At Home

10th January 1976

Poindexter Yothers as Eddie Lapeer.

Sandra Balson as Joan Hanrahan

Peggy Stewart as Martha Felt

Steven Marlo as Swede

Dr. Brackett, gets first hand experience in Air Operations when he assists a copter crew in the rescue of a truck gone over a cliff. Roy’s peaceful existence is disrupted when he offers to take care of the truck driver’s son. Dixie comes to his aid. Station 51 responds to a house fire with people trapped inside. Very nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 16

The Girl on the Balance Beam

17th January 1976

Charles Knox Robinson as Alan Benedict

Patricia Morrow as Gymnastics Coach

Brian Baker as Truck Driver

Andrea Bell as Karen

Patti Cohoon as Nancy Benedict

Ronnie Schell as Jasper

Dr. Brackett has grave fears for young gymnast Nancy Benedict when it appears her father is pushing her to compete too soon after falling from the balance beam. An actress suspended from cables provides an interesting rescue for the firemen.  Squad 51 tend to a drunk driver in a traffic accident and a train-car fire threatening a load of ammonium nitrate. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 17


24th January 1976

Anne Seymour as Millie Eastman

Dawn Lyn as Jean Clark

Jean Allison as Dorothy Clark

Milton Frome as The Salesman

Del Monroe as Steve Carson

It’s an emotional reunion between staff at Rampart and retired nurse Millie Eastman when she is brought into the E.D. after an attempted suicide. Dr. Brackett and Dixie find a way to help her feel needed again by teaming her up with a young paraplegic girl suffering an attitude problem. Roy and John tend to a woman wrapped in cling wrap in order to lose weight. Dr. Morton treats a man and boy with a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Excellent screen time for Robert.

Episode 18

Above and Beyond... Nearly

31st January 1976

Lucille Benson as Annie

Liam Dunn as Amos

Florence Lake as Maggie

Linda Dano as Joyce

Kristin Larkin as Carol

Hal Baylor as Frank

Grant Goodeve as Larry

Confusion reigns when Roy and John are presented with a commendation for which they have no recollection of earning. The paramedics treat an elderly gentleman in a nursing home who has suffered a broken ankle. Kel and Dixie tend to an emergency in the dental clinic at Rampart. Rescuing a man trapped on the side of a cliff proves challenging for Gage and DeSoto when they attempt to free climb up the cliff face. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 19


7th February 1976

Dick Van Pattern as Carter Merkle

Ruth Buzzi as Amy Merkle

Zena Bethune as Robin Elder

Royal Dano as Sam

Paul Brinegar as Brady

Thomas Bellin as Grant Elder

After Roy and John rescue Carter and Amy Merkle from their car wreck, the Merkles show their gratitude by cooking the firemen dinner and turning up to help at a rescue. Captain Stanley is forced to say something when the situation becomes desperate. Squad 51 responds to a boy shot in the eye with a BB gun. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 20

The Great Crash Diet

21st February 1976

Michael Mullins as Bob Jensen

Holly Irving as Sarah

Rick Podell as Frank

During a routine inspection of a Marine Park, Gage and DeSoto find themselves rescuing a diver trapped in an aquarium tank. Chet goes too far when Dr. Morton suggests a healthier eating regime for the firemen. A routine traffic accident escalates when downed power lines electrocute Captain Stanley and ignite a brush fire. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 21

The Tycoons

28th February 1976

Robin Clark as Chris

Ted Gehring as Mr. Hobson

Sheila James as Phylis

Mary Moon as Leigh

The firemen are surprised to find the fire they are called to is nothing more than spontaneous combustion in a dumpster.

Much to their disgust, Roy and John are assigned to fire prevention inspections. Squad 51 responds to a man hit by a projectile shot from a lawn mower. A gunshot victim refuses surgery, Dr. Brackett explains the consequences. Johnny has visions of becoming a tycoon when a hot dog stand goes up for sale. Some very nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 22

The Nuisance

6th March 1978

Carole Cook as Nurse

James G. Richardson as Paramedic Craig Brice

While responding to a patron in a bar, Johnny is seriously injured when struck by a hit and run driver in the parking lot. Stickler for rules and regulations, Paramedic Craig Brice teams up with Roy while John is recuperating.  As Roy is dealing with know-it-all Brice, John is trying to cope with the Field-Marshall efficiency of the nurse taking care of him. Not a single 10-4 from Robert in this episode. No screen time at all.

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Beta Reader - Jan Graham

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