Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 4

Episode Guide

Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 1

The Screenwriter

14th September 1974

Shelley Berman as Art Fromich

Larry Csonka as Al

Carol Wayne as Renee

Brendon Boone as Motorcyclist

Roger Perry as Gene

A screenwriter accompanying Squad 51 on their runs causes problems when he continues to get under foot. The paramedics respond to a vehicle accident involving a motorcyclist and an apparent drunk driver. Brackett refuses to give information to the attending cop until a clear diagnosis is determined. Squad 51 respond to a man suffering a chemical induced psychosis while cleaning an empty tank. Miss October visits the fire station and the boys turn to mush. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 2

I’ll Fix It

21st September 1974

Randall Carver as Paul

Bing Russell as Richard Freeman

Peggy Stewart as Claire Freeman

Savannah Bentley as Missy Walker

Eric Shea as Danny Freeman

Gushing oil and collapsing foundations make conditions treacherous when the paramedics attempt to rescue a man trapped beneath his house. Johnny insists he can fix a mini-bike promised to a boy due to be released from Rampart.  Danny, a teenager suffering stomach pain, fancies himself as a budding doctor, leaving Kel somewhat bemused. Roy and John rescue a boy jammed in a pipe and later remove an engagement ring stuck on a young man’s finger.  A chemical fire provides plenty of action for Station 51. Some amusing scenes for Kel. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 3


28th September 1974

Ross Elliot as Supervisor

Annette Cardona as Mrs. Harrow

Yvonne Craig as Edna Johnson

Zina Bethune as Beth Johnson

Recognizing his own limitations, Gage has no desire to join the fire station track team despite Roy’s urging. Gossip concerning Dr. Morton runs rampant at Rampart. Brackett puts his foot in it when he approaches Mike about alleged financial troubles and Dixie chastises the rumour-monger. Confusion ensues when accident victim, Charles Johnson, has two wives come forward as next of kin. Squad 51 responds to a fire at a chemical plant.  Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 4

Nagging Suspicion

5th October 1974

Robert Q. Lewis as Mr. Caldwell

Milton Frome as Jed Roland

Pamela Morris as Mrs. Caldwell

Lindsay Bloom as Suzy Clark

While attempting to take a photo, a woman falls into the lions’ pit at the zoo. Firemen and paramedics work together to save her. Roy’s theoretical success at picking horse-race winners has Johnny trying to convince him to put it into practice. Music floating over the airwaves has Brackett confused when Gage calls in a rescue from a Go-Go bar. Brackett’s kindly bedside manner shines while treating the go-go dancer. Station 51 assists police during a sniper attack. Good screen time and nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 5

Communication Gaffe

12th October 1974

James McEachin as Lt. Crockett

Denny Miller as Brock Caine

Brooke Bundy as Lyla Caine

Roy is uneasy about appearing on a quiz show with Joanne. The fire crew is full of advice. Squad 51 responds to a robbery with two gunshot victims. The detective in charge insists priority be given to the wounded policeman. Dr. Brackett suspects child abuse when a small boy is brought in with suspicious injuries.  A police officer puts an anaphylactic child under protective custody in order for the paramedics to treat him. When a truck rolls over an embankment, leaking fuel ignites surrounding brush. Some nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 6


19th October 1974

Dena Dietrich as Nurse Betty

Herb Voland as Harry

Joe Kapp as Chuck

Kenneth Tobey as Crane Operator

Cacti pose an interesting problem when a woman motorcyclist lands in a patch. The hospital and fire station are abuzz with preparations for Dixie’s surprise party. Station 51 responds to two men trapped on the side of a building after an electric sign breaks loose. It would seem Dixie’s party may be in doubt when she becomes a patient at Rampart. Kel and Joe get a lot of mileage out of her predicament. Brackett gets precious about his needle holder and Rampart goes into meltdown without Dix on board. Plenty of nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 7

Daisy’s Pick

2nd November 1974

John Carradine as Jonas Larson

Steve Franken as Bernard Goldberg

Dolores Mann as Ruth Goldberg

Brit Lind as Daisy

Squad 51’s first run of the day is a man trapped in an ice room, his arm frozen to the floor. Leaking ammonia adds a layer of urgency to the rescue. Johnny accepts a challenge to get a date with a new nurse at Rampart. A man with his hand glued to his model boat provides some light entertainment. Brackett fights to save the life of a 3 year old in respiratory arrest and allay his parents’ fears of a hereditary disease. Adequate screen time with some very nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 8

Quicker Than The Eye

9th November 1974

Mark Spitz as Pete Barlow

Suzy Spitz as Dora Barlow

Paul Brinegar as Husband (Tom)

Tired of Chet constantly showing off his ‘magician skills’, the firemen decide on some tricks of their own to teach him a lesson.  A pregnant women shot in the abdomen is at risk of losing her life and her unborn baby; Dr. Brackett attempts to save both of them.  A man trapped under a collapsed boat refuses an IV on religious grounds. Squad 51 responds to a motorcycle accident –unusual behaviour from the victim sets off alarm bells. Little but nice screen time for Robert

Episode 9

Foreign Trade

16th November 1974

Than Wyenn as Mr. Zimmerman

Anne Seymour as Mrs. Zimmerman

Joseph Perry as Crane Operator

A fraternity prank goes wrong when a young man chokes on some raw meat. A new hospital administrator has Dixie breathing fire, and Kel amused at her antics. Car rivalry almost comes between Roy and Johnny when they contemplate swapping vehicles. Kel’s amusement escalates when Joe gets the hiccups. Dixie’s fury earns her a promotion she’s not sure she wants. Some very nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 10

Camera Bug

23rd November 1974

Ron Masak as Bob

Dianne Harper as Trudy Benson

Peter Leeds as Restaurant Owner

Patience runs thin in the firehouse when Gage exhibits paparazzi tendencies with his new camera. An arsonist responsible for a school fire has Brackett ducking for cover in the treatment room and Morton smoothing ruffled feathers. Kel and Dixie’s quiet lunch date is interrupted when a woman goes into labour. A great opportunity to see Kel’s caring bedside manner. The paramedics treat a woman bitten by a scorpion and respond to a truck over an embankment.  Excellent screen time and scenes for Robert.

Episode 11

The Firehouse Four

30th November 1974

Lennie Weinrib as Fred Gibson

Charles Knox Robinson as Jack Michaels

Joanne Meredith as Gloria Haroldson.

Johnny’s ears prick up at the mention of a trophy for the winner of a barber shop quartet contest at the Fireman’s picnic. He ropes in some of the fellas to participate. The squad responds to an accident prone exercise enthusiast – several times. Dr. Brackett fights desperately to save the life of a woman who attempts suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturate. Very good screen time for Robert.

Episode 12


7th December 1974

Walter Brooke as James Barnes

Barbara Nichols as Ginger

Tom Reese as Dando.

Charles Quinlivin as Driver

Marriage seems attractive to John after he strikes out on a date. The proposed wife is not all she seems. On the way to a fire, the squad stop to tend a woman hit by a car. Kel deals with an epidemic of ‘videochondriasis’ – too many television medical shows. A dancer with diabetes gets a chance at a new career after being treated at Rampart. A child bitten by a dog provides enlightenment for Johnny. Very little screen time for Robert.

Episode 13


21st  December 1974

Philip Pine as Dr. Bailey

Stanley Adams – Heart attack victim

Timothy Blake as Marilyn

A suspected heart attack victim refuses treatment, later crashing his car when he goes into full arrest. Roy and John enter their newly restored vintage fire truck in a parade. On the way the boys encounter a structure fire.  Separated parents bicker over the welfare of their son. Brackett steps in to referee. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 14

The Bash

28th December 1974

Adam West as Vic Webster

Karen Jensen as Monique Morris

Larry Delaney as Ted MacReady

Paul Smith as Security Director

When a bear runs amok at a film studio, the paramedics rescue a movie star from its clutches. In appreciation, Roy and John are invited to a Hollywood ‘bash’. Brackett treats a man who becomes unwell after eating steak tartar. Kel helps track down the meat source.  Roy and John find themselves on duty when a guest at the ‘bash’ is electrocuted. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 15


4th January 1975

Colby Chester as Gil Robinson

Elisabeth Brooks as Betsy

Lora Kaye as Cab Driver

Hydrogen sulphide explodes, trapping a man beneath his kitchen sink. Acid fumes hamper the rescue. John Gage recognises trainee paramedic Gil Robinson from high school, however Gil isn’t displaying the self-assured characteristics of his youth. Kel gets frustrated with Gil’s slow reaction time in the ER, but the paramedic’s quick thinking out in the field saves Roy’s sight when a snake spits venom in his eyes.

Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 16

Smoke Eater

11th January 1975

John Anderson as Captain Bob Roberts

Shannon Farnon as Catherine

Lee H. Montgomery as Billy

Sid Haig as Spike

Captain Stanley is on Vacation. Captain Bob Roberts takes his place. Roberts’ scepticism of the paramedic program does nothing to endear him to the boys of Station 51. Losing a heart attack victim reinforces Roberts’ negative opinion of the program. Dr. Brackett gives an out-of-control biker an attitude adjustment – with his left fist. Good screen time and a great scene for Robert.

Episode 17


18th January 1975

Paul Fix as Maxwell Hart

Laurette Spang as Mrs. Long

James Ingersoll as Jim Long

Norman Bartold as Harry

Joyce Jameson as Woman Stuck in Door

Gage is somewhat perplexed when assigned the task of escorting a group of fifth graders around Rampart. When Brackett treats a delusional Vietnam vet, he finds a medical reason for the man’s behaviour. Squad 51 faces a tricky situation when a woman gets stuck in a doggie door. An elderly novelist attempts suicide and a plane crashes into a school bus bringing several stations to the rescue. Good screen time for Robert.

Episode 18


25th January 1975

James Gregory as Brackett’s father

Bernard Fox as Eldridge

Dick Yarmie as Jamie

Tony Giorgio as Lorenzo

Squad 51 assists with a rescue of an escape artist –Lorenzo The Magnificent.  He gifts John with a puzzle reputed to hold the secret of the universe.  Brackett faces a personal crisis when his father is brought to Rampart suffering a Deep Vein Thrombosis requiring surgery. Roy and John attend a fireplace explosion, a vehicle accident involving power lines and another with fire at the scene.  Plenty of quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 19

It’s How You Play The Game

1st  February 1975

Dennis Patrick as Trader Jack

Cliff Osmond as Gus

Ryan MacDonald as Walter

Maggie Sullivan as Marion

Hal Baylor as Animal Trainer

Johnny gets serious about a friendly game of softball. When the other firemen learn why, they are not happy. Station 51 attends a vehicle accident.  Gage cops a fist in the face from the victim whose symptoms and unexplained seizures prove difficult for Brackett to diagnose. The squad responds to a tiger loose in a car yard and a man with a herniated disc ‘trapped ‘in his water bed. Lots of quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 20

The Mouse

8th February 1975

J. Pat O’Malley as Joe Wilson

Harold Schell as Harold Peterson

Bill Zuckert as Charley

Peter Palmer as Sam

Lee Paul as Pete

A security conscious man nearly loses his life in a house fire when bars on the windows delay rescue. Chet obsesses over a mouse in the firehouse. A man whose heart keeps stopping for no apparent reason confuses Dr. Morton. An elderly man brings his wife, who is suffering breathing difficulties and chest pain in to Rampart.  Squad 51 attends a bar fight and later a plane crash into an apartment building. Little screen time for Robert

Episode 21

Back Up

15th February 1975

Keenan Wynn as Wild Bill

Michael Conrad as Bob Stecker

Anne Schedeen as Nurse

Kendall March as Mary Riley

Roy and John suspect a man claiming back pain is simply looking for attention. Kel hopes one day to understand women. Squad 51 tends to a disgruntled football fan who kicks in his TV, suffering electrocution.  Frustration builds when the hospital and paramedics are particularly busy with trivial complaints, plus hospital administrators decide to tour the E.D. and an ambulance carrying a patient and the paramedics has an accident on the way to the hospital.  Small amount of screen time for Robert.

Episode 22


1st March 1975

David Huddleston as Barney ‘Doc’ Coolidge

Mark Harmon as Ofcr Dave Gordon

Albert Popwell as Ofcr II Les Taylor

Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. Quincy

Virginia Gregg as Rosa Berhardi

Stephanie Steele as Sandy

905-Wild is a pilot for a new series about an Animal Control shelter. Consequently a lot of time was dedicated to the future stars of the show. Brackett nearly has apoplexy when he discovers the paramedics are working on a baby goat. They bring the critter to Rampart and somehow manage to talk Kel into treating it. Some very good scenes for Robert.

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Season 4 Synopsis by Sally Bahnsen

Beta Reader - Jan Graham

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