Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 3

Episode Guide

Episode Title and Original Air Date

Guest Stars


Episode 1


23rd September 1973

Michael Lane as Tall Biker

Pamela McMyler as Oona Crim

Donald Barry as Dave Grogan

Gage’s friend, Officer Drew Burke, is fatally injured when his motorcycle is hit by a car. Johnny must deal with the uncertainty of whether Drew might have lived had the radio not been tied up with another case. Rampart gets busy when two warring motorbike gangs are brought in for treatment.  Kel gets to practice his fight-diffusing skills.  A man stuck inside his sculpture presents an interesting problem for Gage and DeSoto. Nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 2

The Old Engine

29th September 1973

Michael Conrad as Bob Hurley

Ross Elliot as Harvey

Laurette Spang as Sally

Roy and John discover an old fire engine at the dump. They bring it back to the station house with intentions of restoring it. Rescues include a drug overdose, a heart attack victim and a warehouse fire. Brackett treats a gunshot victim who has a pain threshold akin to Superman. Kel makes a joke and smiles. Little screen time for Robert but worth seeing.

Episode 3

The Alley Cat

6th October 1973

Brooke Bundy as Ann

Lee Bergere as Milton Zack

William Challee as Ezekial Johnson

Virginia Gregg as Zelda Zack

A pregnant alley cat chooses Johnny’s bed to have her kittens. The Squad respond to a light aircraft crash, a man with his foot caught in a bear trap and a boating accident. Dr. Brackett fights to save the life of the woman hurt in the plane crash, and deals with an ‘over-the-hill’ actress having an anxiety attack. In a lucid moment she declares Dr. Brackett to be ‘very handsome.’ Some nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 4

An English Visitor

13th October 1973

Jamie Ross as Jason Channing

Judi Meredith as Sheila

Stanley Kamel as Harry Rivers

Barbara Boles as Shirley

A Molotov cocktail thrown down an elevator shaft provides the first rescue for visiting Englishman, Fireman Jason Channing, who is sitting in with Gage and Desoto to learn about the paramedic program. Dixie must deal with a nurse who has an attitude problem. Dr. Brackett battles to save the life of a famous singer with diabetes and pneumonia. A great episode for catching another glimpse of Brackett’s caring bedside manner.

Episode 5


20th October 1973

Barbara Sigel as April Rawlins

Dennis Redfield as Rab Rawlins

John pulls a deltoid muscle during a fire rescue. When Dr. Morton suggests he could be in better shape, Gages embarks on a health kick. Dr. Brackett treats a new mother who believes her bad luck is punishment for going against her parents’ beliefs. An excellent episode for seeing Dr. Brackett’s compassionate side. Nice screen time for Robert

Episode 6


27th October 1973


Richard X. Slattery as Hector

Reta Shaw as Ozella Peterson

William Bryant as Captain – Engine 85

Tony Haig as Dr. Frick

On the way back from a fishing trip, Roy, John and Chet assist at a car wreck on a lonely highway. The situation gets tight when the boys are unable to treat the victims due to county jurisdiction issues. When bitten by a rattlesnake during a rescue, Johnny must start his own IV while being rushed to the hospital in back of the fire truck. Plenty of D5Ws and 10-4s for Kel in this episode. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 7

The Promotion

4th November 1973

Tom Simcox as Brad

Michael Maitland as Joel

Roy ponders his future when offered a promotion which would mean he’d have to leave the Paramedics. Heavy fog causes havoc on the road resulting in a multi-car pileup. Kel counsels Roy in an effort to help him make a decision. Some good scenes for Robert.

Episode 8


10th November 1973

Ronnie Schell as Fred

Dick Yarmy as Father

Hal Lynch as Andy

Stephen Manley as Scotty

Lee Farr as Bill Philips

Johnny is suffering from insomnia. Squad 51 attends a boat explosion. Later they respond to a man on a bad drug trip, a workman pinned by a semi-trailer and a boy buried in a quarry accident. Drs. Brackett and Early treat a little boy with a head injury and fight to save the life of the drug overdose victim. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 9

Inheritance Tax

17th November 1973

Warren Berlinger as Mr. Winthrop

Michael Fox as Marshall

Marion Ross as Margaret

A child stuck in a car under live power lines provides an electrifying start to the day for the firemen. Roy and John receive notification they have been named benefactors in a will. Kel shows remarkable restraint when a stock broker suffering chest pains refuses to take it easy.  Some very nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 10


24th November 1973

Mariette Hartley as Vera Mannering

Joanne Worley as Screaming Woman

Anthony Eisley as Jake

Bobby Eilbacher as Tommy

The Paramedics attend a building where a woman is screaming. John Gage gets tongue-tied on a talk show. Dr. Brackett treats a battered child who was threatening to jump from the ledge of a building. A thought provoking episode and some great scenes for Robert.

Episode 11

The Promise

1st December 1973

Kip Niven as Bo Jensen

Patricia Hindy as Paula Slayton

Patricia Mattick as Kathy

Reva Rose as Edna Self

While responding to a car fire in a garage, the paramedics tend to a mechanic found in an unexplained state of catatonia. The cause and cure prove to be a challenge for   Brackett . Roy and John tend to a woman who continually ‘cries wolf’, a person overcome by cleaning products and an elderly couple ‘snowed’ in by tumbleweeds. John is puzzled by Roy’s friendship with a nurse.  Some excellent quasi-action scenes for Robert.

Episode 12

Body Language

8th December 1973

Ronald Feinberg as Donald Lompok

Ronne Troup as Pam

Randy Boone as Bill Stagg

Kenneth Toby as Doug Barton

Julie Rogers as Betty Hall

A crop dusting accident produces two victims when pesticide spills on an assisting farmer. The paramedics respond to a man found unconscious after eating a daffodil bulb. A cowboy with a head injury initially refuses treatment. Dr. Brackett holds a ‘staff consultation’ when a mentally challenged man insists he should stay in the hospital after a moth ball is removed from his ear. Little screen time for Robert but what he has is entertaining.

Episode 13


15th December 1973

John Russell as Sam Jeffers

Mills Watson as Bank Robber

Michael Vandever as Russ

James Griffith as Joe Hosmer

Phillip Pine as Dr. Bailey

A spectacular display of pyrotechnics from a burning building at a stable pose a problem for the firemen. Roy and John take a risk to save a trapped horse. Kel and Dix keep a young suicidal woman talking on the phone. When she reveals she was a patient at Rampart they attempt to discover her identity through hospital records. Johnny and Roy are taken hostages in a bank heist. Plenty of quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 14

Computer Error

22nd December 1973

Mark Miller as Charles Evans

Larry Storch as The Escape Artist

Audrey Landers as Marsha

Donny Most as Fred Wilson

Joyce Jameson as Harriet

Bonnie Bartlett as Eunice Evans

Johnny tries to solve a computer glitch on his credit card bill. The squad responds to a car wreck involving seriously injured teens. Later they rescue a woman who fell down a well, an amateur Houdini stuck in a safe and attend a fire at a salvage yard. Dr. Early suspects one of the injured teens may be pregnant while Brackett treats her boyfriend who has a spinal injury. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 15


5th January 1974

Beth Brickell as Susan

Jack Hogan as Don

Bill Andes as Prosecutor

Jack Manning as Judge

Angelo Grisanti as Defendant

Roy and John are disappointed when it seems all units but theirs are called to a raging bushfire. Hilarity rules at Rampart when Dixie’s hand gets caught in a vending machine. Squad 51 tends to a lawyer having a heart attack. The paramedics enter the brushfire zone to rescue a fireman trapped beneath an overturned squad truck. Very little screen time for Robert.

Episode 16

Messin’ Around

12th January 1974

J. Pat. O’Malley as Old Bill

Ann Prentiss as Cindy’s Mother

Karl Swenson as Gus

Carol Lawson as Mrs. Wheeler

Joan Shawlee as Wife

Paul Bryar as Husband

Johnny’s patience runs thin with Chet’s persistent practical jokes. A woman slips her husband some Dieffenbachia sap to take away his voice after he contracts a severe case of Man Phloo. Bill is a lonely, but harmless old man, who seeks company at Rampart by feigning illness. A mother refuses to give the paramedics permission to treat her son when she believes he is crying out for attention. Not much screen time for Robert but a nice scene or two with old Bill.

Episode 17


19th January 1974

Bobby Sherman as  Dr. Kent Donaldson Jr.

Dennis Patrick as Dr. Kent Donaldson Sr.

William Campbell as Ned Tanner

Carol Arthur as Eloise Tanner

Medicine runs in the family for intern Kent Donaldson Jr. Somewhere along the line, though, he flunked the course on bedside manner and people skills. It takes a man like Dr. Brackett and a day spent with the paramedics to give him a lesson on life and humility. Squad 51 responds to a chimney explosion, a man with chest pains, a girl with her arm stuck in a mail box and fire at a gas refinery. Good amount of screen time for Robert.

Episode 18

How Green Was My Thumb

26th January 1974

Will Hutchins as Curtis Murdock

Don Chastain as Chaplin Chuck Miller

Leigh Christian as Mrs. Johnson

George P. Wallace as Sgt. Thomas

Eric Shea as Clyde

Pamela Hensley as Wanda

Donald Mantooth as Paramedic 95

The paramedics attend two structure fires, one at a winery where a man needs rescuing from a wine vat. Roy befriends a patient who has a love for plants. Kel treats a child who suffered a dog bite. Her parents refuse rabies treatment preferring to trust in prayer. Later Kel goes out in the field to perform surgery on a man with a grenade stuck in his stomach. Lots of ‘scrubs’ time and heroics for Kel and quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 19

The Hard Hours

2nd February 1974

Dick Butkus as Dave ‘The Animal’

Nick Nolte as Fred

Eve Brent as Alice

The staff at Rampart General and Station 51 is taking it hard when Dr. Joe Early is diagnosed with a heart problem requiring surgery.  Roy and John tend to a man with a leg injury, a boy in his homemade rocket, a woman stuck in her bathtub, and a man electrocuted while working near power lines.Some very nice interaction between Kel and Joe and emotional scenes for Brackett. Plenty of screen time for Robert.

Episode 20

Floor Brigade

9th February 1974

Pat Buttram as The Hermit

Roy has plans of operating a floor cleaning business on the side. The firemen rescue a hermit trapped in a cave. Dr. Morton has a moment of empathy after a washed up singer comes to Rampart seeking help for substance abuse.  Gage gets hurt during a rescue on a communication tower. Station 51 responds to a fire in a chemical company. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 21


16th February 1974

Brendon Boone as Wayne

Relations are strained when Roy needs somewhere to stay and Johnny offers his place.  A traffic accident turns into a major rescue when a fuel leak ignites. The ambulance transporting Roy and the patient to Rampart is hit by a car. Squad 51 tends to a man with chest pains and later responds to an explosion at an abandoned refinery. Hardly any screen time for Robert.

Episode 22


23rd March 1974

Pepper Martin as Aubrey

Aneta Corsaut as Helena Hartley

Michael Richardson as Cab Driver

Hal Bokar as Driver

Charles McCauley as Ellis

Lillian Bronson as Norma

Robert Miller Driscoll as James

A competition for new fire fighting innovations generates some friendly rivalry among the men of Station 51. A vehicle accident involving a truck carrying radioactive waste poses a problem for the firemen. Activity runs high at Rampart to prevent contamination. The squad tends to an unconscious man at a massage facility, a man fallen through the ceiling of his house, and deal with a chemical cloud in a refinery. Barely any screen time for Robert.

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