Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 2

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Episode 1

Problem aka ‘Decision’

16th September 1972

Lloyd Bochner as Dr. Sundalin

Jessica Rains as Edna

Willard Sage as Dr. Eccles

Michael Richardson as Doug

When communications with Rampart are lost during transport of an injured man, Roy must make a judgement call which earns him the wrath of the man’s personal physician. Kelly Brackett comes to the paramedics’ defense while Roy questions his future in the Paramedic Program. Some nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 2


23rd September 1972

Roger Perry as Russ Gentry

Richard Jaeckel as Defence Attorney

William Bryant as Sgt. Pierce

John Travolta as Injured Hiker.

Kids are the flavour of the day for the paramedics when they are called to rescue a child from an excavation site and another whose head is stuck in a ventilation hole. When a child’s injuries don’t add up, Dr. Brackett suspects a case of abuse and is not afraid to face the parents in court to prove it. Another great character-development episode for Kel.

Episode 3


30th September 1972

Henry Jones as Dr. Knott

Monica Stone as Maury Peeyer

Joseph Perry as Evan Langford

Ezra Stone as Boris Miller

Squad 51 is unable to contact Rampart base while treating a man trapped under a tractor. Elderly doctor, Alexander Knott, arrives on the scene offering assistance. Suffering chest pain, the doc becomes a patient himself. Knott proves to be a challenge for the Rampart medical staff. Some very nice interaction between Knott and Kel. Quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 4


7th October 1972

Skye Aubrey as Mattie Duntley

Dennis Patrick as Mr. Hollister

William Gray Espy as Tim Duntley

Cathy Lee Crosby as Jenny Hollister

When Dr. Brackett and John Gage are struck down by a deadly virus it becomes a race against time to find a cure. Virus proves the old adage, “Doctors make lousy patients”. Robert has plenty of quality screen time.

Episode 5

Peace Pipe

14th October 1972

Brooke Bundy as Nancy Taylor

William Campbell as Sam Jenks

Kip Niven as Stan Taylor

The paramedics tend to a little girl trapped in a car hit by a drunk driver. Dr. Brackett and the team at Rampart General fight to save her life. Chet teases Johnny about his Native American heritage.  A kid with his hand stuck in a gumball machine, a woman trapped in a girdle and a structure fire keep the fireman busy. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 6


21st October 1972

Larry Storch as Ben Wesley

Elizabeth Baur as Sister Barbara

Ronne Troup as Lisa Hill

Michael Rupert as Mike Allen

Kel and Joe find it amusing when Dixie breaks a toe while on duty. The firemen rescue a woman injured by an exploding soda bottle, a boy with unusual bruises that won’t heal and respond to a bus wreck involving school children. In this episode we get a taste of Brackett’s steadfast determination to make a correct diagnosis. Decent screen time for Robert.

Episode 7

Fuzz Lady

4th November 1972

Sharon Gless as Sheila

J. Pat O’Malley as Grandpaw Ryerson

Ellen Moss as Donna Williams

John Gage is infatuated with a lady cop investigating theft at Rampart. An elderly man rescued from a fire presents with unusual symptoms. Kel chastises Dr. Morton about his attitude. Some excellent medical-action scenes for Robert.

Episode 8


11th November 1972

Robert Pratt as Ed Marlowe

Jackie Coogan as Junkyard owner

Charles H. Gray as Chief Sorenson

Roy and Johnny deal with a trainee paramedic on an ego trip who refuses to follow protocol and constantly challenges the directives of his mentors. Little screen time for Robert.

Episode 9


25th November

Leslie Charleson as Christy Todd

Ann Morgan Guilbert as Tilly Meers

Dick Van Patten as Morris Meers

Joshua Bryant as Mr. Bodine

Michael Richardson as Artie Howarth

Journalist Christy Todd has been assigned to accompany squad 51 on rescues in order to gather research for a story.  Her headstrong Women’s Lib attitude leaves her immune to Johnny’s charms and every run she makes reinforces her belief all men are chauvinists. A young girl having a seizure is brought in to Rampart and Dr. Brackett locks horns with her father when his line of questioning turns to illegal drugs. Not much screen time for Robert but what he has is entertaining.

Episode 10

Dinner Date

2nd December 1972

Lynn Carlin as Mrs. Patterson

Jean Allison as Mrs. Conroy

Emily Yancy as Mrs. Johnson

Melissa Gilbert as Small girl (uncredited)

Johnny debates whether to accept or decline Roy’s offer of a blind date. Squad 51 responds to a boy who fell off his bike, a domestic situation involving a passed out drunk, a traffic accident and a small child who has her arm trapped in an empty swimming pool drain. Dr. Brackett and Dr. Early are kept busy with a gunshot victim and three separate cases involving drug abuse.  Not a lot of screen time for Robert.

Episode 11

Musical Mania

9th December 1972

Russell Wiggins as Boyd Clements

Kathleen Gackle as Mary Kate Clements

Kathryn Kelly Wiget as Betty Snyder

Scottie MacGregor as Myrna Scudder

When a young child is brought to Rampart suffering from lead poisoning, Dr. Early discovers further complications regarding the boy’s health. The firemen at Station 51 contend with John Gage’s talentless attempts to play a musical instrument. Out in the field, Squad 51 tends to a car wreck, a school girl suffering a drug overdose, an obese man stuck in his glider plane, and a man trapped under a collapsed house. Robert on screen very little.

Episode 12


16th December 1972

Alicia Bond as Dr. Varner

Frank Maxwell as McGill

Jamie Farr as Alan Austen

Gage offers unsolicited advice when Roy and his wife have a disagreement. A new doctor at Rampart causes concern when she makes some minor mistakes due to issues in her personal life; Dix and Kel step in to help out. A nice episode for seeing Brackett’s compassionate side and caring bedside manner.

Episode 13


6th January 1973

Dick Yarmy as Coach

Vic Mohica as Steve

Frank Maxwell as Captain Carter

An injured football player, a small boy stuck head first inside the trunk of a tree and a structure fire are a few of the rescues that keep the firemen busy in this episode.  Johnny is increasingly frustrated by bad drivers. Hospital staff and the paramedics are hit hard when Dr. Parsons – former lecturer for the paramedic program – suffers a cardiac arrest. Adequate screen time for Robert.

Episode 14

School Days

13th January 1973

Kip Niven as Billy Hanks

Michael-James Wixted as Brad Lewis

Ian Wolfe as Dr. Temple

A trainee paramedic suffers a bad case of the jitters out in the field.  Squad 51 tend to a traffic accident involving an ambulance, a boy whose chemistry experiment goes wrong, a man with a snake on his stomach and a man trapped in a car at an auto wrecker’s.  Not much screen time for Robert.

Episode 15

The Professor

3rd February 1973

Jane Merrow as Lady Rossman

Paul Picerni as Ed Duran

Hedley Mattingly as Sir Erik Rossman

When a foreign dignity is brought to Rampart suffering a mysterious illness, Brackett finds his efforts to treat the man hampered by the presence of government security men. Kel is not impressed having his authority and medical decisions questioned at every turn. In between rescues Johnny gives Roy a hard time about being over the hill in the ‘girl department.’ Really good screen time for Robert in this episode.

Episode 16


10th February 1973

Jack Carter as Sy Kleiner

Robert Alda  as Raymond Boyd

Dub Taylor as Old Man

Ezra Stone as Boris Miller

Roy has a sore throat and Gage won’t let up on him until he sees a doc. An old flame of Dixie’s, actor Raymond Boyd, is admitted to Rampart with an unexplained illness. Kel battles studio producers who want their star back on set ASAP. Squad 51 is called to rescue two young boys from scaffolding at a gas refinery and respond to a building fire. Adequate screen  time for Robert. Some nice scenes with Julie London.

Episode 17


17th February 1973

Michael Lerner as Martin Noble

Anne Whitfield as Patricia Epps

Ondine Vaughn Cherol Olmstead

Cheryl Miller as Rochelle Kayner

Johnny gets on an honesty kick. Squad 51 responds to an oven explosion, a swimming pool accident and a house fire. A young boy with breathing difficulties, an underage driver in a traffic accident and a man convinced he is going to have a heart attack are all in a day’s work for the staff at Rampart. Not a lot of screen time for Robert.

Episode 18


24th February 1973

Charles Aidman as Harry Teal

Fintan Meyler as Dorothy Teal

B. Kirby Jr. As Ken

Suzanne Charny as Mrs. Butler

Scary movies and a séance set the tone for this episode of Emergency!  Dr. Brackett makes an attempt at matchmaking while treating a young man who took his mother’s tranquilizers. Adequate screen time for Robert and some nice scenes.

Episode 19


3rd March 1973

Anne Prentis as Fran Lillington

Jock Mahoney as Hoyt Herrold

Vic Tayback as Driver

Gage and DeSoto respond to a woman who has her hair caught in a kitchen meat grinder, a car trapped under a fuel truck and the kitchen lady again... and yet again. The Firemen are concerned when Boot, the firehouse dog, is off his food and the boys seek advice from Rampart’s medical staff. Dr. Brackett treats an unconscious man and later passes a ‘curse’ victim to Dr. Early. An explosion at Rampart has everyone leaping into action. Decent screen time with some nice scenes for Robert.

Episode 20


10th March 1973

Charles McGraw as Police sergeant

Morgan Paull as Dr. Mike Williams

Maria-Elena Cordero as Kathy Williams

Harry Townes as Barney Olsen

Regis J. Cordic as Norman Harrison

Roy and Johnny are accused of stealing money from a heart attack victim. A traffic accident sends a pregnant woman into labour. We get to see Dr. Brackett’s gentle bedside manner when he deals with the new mother and news of her injured husband. Lots of quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 21


7th April 1973

Kathy Cannon as Mrs. Barton

James McEachin as Milt

Ray Bellard as John Wellman

Robert Porter as George Barton

Ross Elliot as foreman.

John Gage is beside himself when he gets notification he is going to be audited. The paramedics tend to a man who claims to have been mugged  - his symptoms confound Dr. Brackett as all tests come back normal.  A pregnant woman with shortness of breath has Brackett concerned. Another great episode for Kel’s gentle bedside manner. Excellent and interesting screen time for Robert.

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