Series Premier: January 15, 1972

Regular Cast:

Robert Fuller – (Kelly Brackett M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Julie London – (Dixie McCall R.N.)

Bobby Troup – (Joe Early M.D., F.A.C.S.)

Randolph Mantooth - (Fireman John Gage)

Kevin Tighe - (Fireman Roy DeSoto)

Ron Pinkard – (Dr. Mike Morton)

Season 1

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Guest Stars


Episode 1

The Wedsworth-Townsend Act

15th January 1972

Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed

Martin Milner as Officer Pete MalloyJack Kruschen as Assemblyman Mike Wolski   

Firemen John Gage and Roy DeSoto become increasingly disillusioned with the newly established Paramedic Program when the head of Emergency at Rampart General Hospital, Dr. Kelly Brackett, refuses to lend his support. When Nurse Dixie McCall is involved in an accident, Kel Brackett is forced to reassess his priorities. Plenty of screen time for Robert.

Episode 2


22nd January 1972

Jock Mahoney as Lee

Patricia McAneny as Paula

Linda Watkins as Mrs. Leeds

Chaos reigns at Station 51 when John Gage volunteers to babysit a dog after its owner is injured in a traffic accident. At Rampart General, Dr. Brackett has his hands full with a young woman and her overprotective mother plus a diabetic whose blood sugar is dangerously low. Quality screen time for Robert and a brief fight scene.

Episode 3


29th January 1972

Paul Langton as Myron Gilmore

Virginia Vincent as Martha Gilmore

Kelly Brackett puts his career on the line when he treats a man with a suspected case of Botulism.  Gage and DeSoto deal with a construction accident, a woman who cries wolf, a child trapped in a collapsed building and a practical joker in the station house.  A good episode for seeing Dr. Brackett’s dedication to his patients and inability to deal with romance.  Quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 4

Cook’s Tour

12th  February  1972

Frank Aletter as Roger Mundell

Jaqueline  Russell as Judy Mundell

Dennis Rucker as Jay Hopper

Dorothy Green as Mother

Roy takes a ribbing about his cooking and Gage delivers a baby who has some breathing complications.  At Rampart, Brackett once again shows he was born without the romance gene while at the same time dealing with the belligerent older brother of a drug overdose victim. Enough screen time for Robert to keep fans happy.

Episode 5

Brush Fire

19th February 1972       

Gary Crosby as John Conway

Ellen Moss as Rhonda Hughes

Bob Hastings as Man in Robe

Tony Dow as Motorcycle rider

A severe brush fire puts a halt on Dixie and Kel’s plans for a romantic interlude in Mailibu and brings along its own set of troubles for the paramedics and medical staff including an elderly woman suffering dehydration, a pregnant woman in labour and a young boy with a broken arm refusing treatment to search for his lost dog. Some nice screen time for Robert.

Episode 6

Dealer’s Wild

26th February 1972

Lou Krugman as Dave Morgan

Coleen gray as Mrs. Thompson

Marian Collier as Mother

Buddy Foster as Frankie Pierce

Gage becomes preoccupied with inventing a card game to avoid washing dishes at the station house. Dr. Brackett gets emotionally involved when a young boy is orphaned after his father suffers cardiac arrest.  Some lovely Dixie and Kel interaction in this episode. Plenty of quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 7

Nurses Wild

4th March 1972

Royal Dano – Hallucinating drunk

Kip Niven  as Clive Jonas

Christine Dixon as Bitsey Jonas

The paramedics deal with a shooting victim and a cardiac arrest when called to the scene of a robbery. Dr. Brackett learns a lesson in humility while treating a woman who over doses on diuretics and Mike Morton makes a wrong diagnosis due to prejudice. Quality screen time for Robert.

Episode 8

Publicity Hound

11th March 1972

Gene Raymond as J.P. Dumont

Gary Crosby as Tom Wheeler

Sally Shockley as Penny Fortas

Barry Higgins as Andy Jason

John Gage suffers from publicity-envy when Fireman Wheeler’s rescues are continually making the news.  Kelly Brackett refuses to back down when an influential tycoon challenges his diagnosis and accuses him of incompetence. This is a great episode for an insight into Kel’s personality.

Episode 9

Weird Wednesday

18th March 1972

Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Bernadette Spalding

Arnold Stang as Arthur Merkl

Henny Backus as Ginger Merkl

Sherry Bain as Kathy Paxton

The firemen have their share of unusual rescues, including a parachutist stuck in a tree and a man locked in freezer.  Dr. Brackett treats a man with a severe case of the hiccups and an elderly lady who suffers a broken ankle celebrating her birthday. Some fun scenes for Robert in this episode.

Episode 10


25th March 1972

Seymour Cassel as Bluebell Hunter

Benny Rubin as Sam Cranks

Patricia Mickey as Sharon

Nurse Sharon Walters elicits Dr. Brackett’s wrath when her normally professional manner dissolves into a severe case of clumsiness in his presence. Gage and De Soto are called out to an elevator accident, an overzealous environmentalist and an industrial chemical spill. This is another excellent episode for Dr. Brackett character development. Some fun scenes for Robert.

Episode 11

Hang Up

8th April 1972

John Smith as Captain Hammer

Shelley Novak as Vern Hammond

Art Ballinger as Battalion Chief

Gage endeavours to discover the conclusion to an episode of Adam-12 when the squad is called out on a run before the show ends. It’s a busy day in the ER when the staff treat two men involved in a bar fight, a woman with a migraine and an irate surfer with a broken leg. Robert draws on his stunt fighting skill when Kelly Brackett has to break up a brawl in the hospital corridor. An episode full of interesting situations for Dr. Brackett and a great opportunity to see the many sides to his character.

Episode 12


15th April 1972

John Smith as Captain Hammer

Cicely Tyson  as Mrs. Johnson

Gary Crosby as Tom Wheeler

Don Matheson as Joseph Remson

William Bramley as Sam

Dr. Brackett deals with a concerned mother when the paramedics bring in a high school boy hurt in a football tackle. It’s touch and go at Rampart after a young child swallows some pills while in the care of his babysitter.  DeSoto and Gage tend to a would-be thief who suffers a heart attack and respond a light plane crash. Satisfactory screen time for Robert.

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