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While Robert built a successful career starring in episodic television and movies he also did many other things.

This section of the website is devoted to the “OTHER” aspects of Robert’s career

He did many commercials and was the spokesperson for a number of big brands’

He did theatre work starring in two stage productions

He made records releasing a number of original singles plus an album made in Germany

By following the links below you can take a closer look at his work in these arenas and hopefully see a side to Robert you have not seen before.

Some pages are still being developed so make sure you call back regularly.


Robert did many commercials supporting well known and respected brands such as Waterpik, Budweiser Beer and Friskies Cat Food.

 To see some of this work and get more information click on the links below.

Commercials Commercials Commercials

Listen to Robert’s Public Service Announcements

Interviews and PSA

Robert has done dozens of interviews

We are aiming to collect and find as many of these as we can.

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Interviews and PSA

Robert’s Music